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Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for hearken



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Pastor Gabriel Olagunji, who also addressed the members on the occasion, charged every stakeholder to continue to hearken to the directive of God and see to the final fulfilment of the unity mission.
Now it's an occasion to truck thoughts and hearken to the leaders who make merry of importance role in human life.
Using tractor trailers as canvases, these works hearken back to the bygone era of widespread graffiti art on subway trains and the pages pop with colorful stylistic rendering of popular artists' names such as Cavs, TL One, Maze, Poet and Mone.
The authors of this working paper argue that reform should hearken back to the original FDA rule.
No one wants to hearken back to the era of Prohibition.
Instead the authors hearken back to God's covenant with His people citing a Christian's duty to seek justice and offer hospitality to the least of one's neighbors.
Like most early 20th-century antiques, many are collectible and hearken back to an era when things were made to last.
His works contain unpredictable imagery, rich humor and roiling skies that hearken back to the 19th-century Hudson River School.
Rather, they hearken back to the sort of humanism that was evident in many of the Church's great minds, such as Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin, prior to the Enlightenment.
Pinehills, LLC, a "master-planned community" here, has said yesterday it will open a 13,000-square-foot full-service grocery store that will be housed in a structure resembling "a vintage New England barn," and hearken back to the days of small-town grocers and personal service.
innocent of measure but will hearken to how one story becomes another
And if those clues weren't enough, there is a trail of corpses from Chechnya to London, as well as Putin's Soviet-style foreign and domestic policies that hearken to Brezhnev and Andropov, if not Stalin.
Hearken back to the turn of the 20th century, and you see the main streets in small towns and communities functioning very well.
Reverent Buddhists hearken as well to sacred bells.
Also featured will be familiar Alfred Burt carols arranged by local composer Jan Sanborn: ``Caroling, Caroling,'' ``Some Children See Him,'' ``O Hearken Ye,'' and ``Star Carol.