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Further studies to provide evidence in favor of preventive measures for hearing disorders and CNS involvement are warranted which could contribute to a better prognosis of the condition.
Besides, there is not much instruction regarding the hearing disorders and also the frequent contact to noise or pesticides to be the cause or potential of this disorder [12].
In the same interview, Dodds said he and his wife - who suffers from a hypersensitive hearing disorder - were trying to live as normal a life as possible, despite their illnesses.
Qatar is also one of the first countries in the region to implement a National Program for Early Detection of Hearing Impairment, which is committed to detecting children born with a hearing disorder at the earliest possible stage and treating them accordingly.
The maternal and child health section at the Ministry of Health (MoH) has began taking necessary procedures and precautions for applying the hearing disorder early screening programme for newborn babies in the public hospitals of the northern emirates.
In the fourth and final heart-wrenching programme we meet nine-month-old baby Tom, with a genetic hearing disorder, who's waiting to be adopted.
If the signs of a hearing disorder in an animal become apparent, it's important to seek veterinary consultation, he advises.
Eye Related Diseases, Hearing disorder, Tuberculosis (T.
A hearing test showed that Ben had a processing problem rather than hearing disorder.
New research has found a link between a hearing disorder called central auditory processing dysfunction (CAPD) and greater risk for memory impairment.
Jason McDole, who suffers from a congenital hearing disorder, wears hearing aids that boost his hearing to about 50 percent.
However, a writ issued at London's High Court and just made public says Mr Grove was injured in the attack and has developed tinnitus - a hearing disorder.
He and Olive had two sons Tom and Virl, who weren't musical because of a hearing disorder.
Aziz of Birmingham Street, Dar-laston, who also has leg tremors and a hearing disorder, pleaded not guilty to driving dangerously on Oldbury Ringway on April 23 but the case was found proven.
Porter, who started his first booking agency in 1954, cited a chronic hearing disorder known as tinnitus--the sensation of a ringing, roaring or buzzing sound in the ears or head--as among the reasons for his resignation.