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Synonyms for heap

Synonyms for heap

to put into a disordered pile

to make or become full; put as much into as can be held

to fill to overflowing


to give in great abundance

Synonyms for heap

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'Whether we deploy heap leach at Olympic Dam is a matter for future consideration, as there are many factors involved including passing through our Capital Allocation Framework.
Allegations against Heaps first came out in 2018 when two patients came forward in 2018.
Paul Heap, Operating on intelligence gathered by a joint police and prison service investigation, Heap was stopped and searched at the G4S-run facility after entering Altcourse when he was due to be on a sick day.
The family dug the location and found the body wrapped in a gunny bag from the garbage heap. The police shifted the body to the Gojra Tehsil Headquarters Hospital for an autopsy.
The win qualifies Heap into The Huddersfield Champion of Champions final.
They faulted the contractor who is rehabilitating a section of the Mwingi-Thika road for leaving the heap of murram at the side of the road near the bridge for a long time.
Police fear that the dilapidated house was the same where the seven-year old rape-slay victim was kept before being murdered and thrown in the trash heap nearby.
Heap, of Glenrothes,was sentenced to 250 hours of community service.
Teesside Crown Court was told Heap forced his way into his gran's Middlesbrough home in sheltered accommodation demanding money and cigarettes.
This modification to its Water Pollution Control Plan for various expansions of the heap leach facility allows the construction of "Cell 10," located adjacent to and north of the existing leaching operation, and identifies multiple, future heap leach pad expansions, south and southwest of the existing heap leach pad and existing facilities.
Is the problem specific to circumstances in which a non-random data heap falls immediately to one side of a treatment threshold?
Articulating the complex and multi-faceted world of American popular culture is no easy task, yet Chad Heap's monograph Slumming: Sexual and Racial Encounters in American Nightlife, 1885-1940 is an illuminating study of Chicago and New York nightlife and popular culture through the activity of "slumming." This phenomenon appeared in large American cities and involved middle- and upper-class white Americans leaving the social constraints of their own neighborhoods to observe first-hand the living conditions and entertainment venues of southern and eastem-European immigrants, blacks, the artists and radicals of bohemia, and those deemed sexually "deviant" or queer.
Heap, who coaches rugby league for the North East Regional Academy, Gateshead Thunder and Jarrow Vikings, was nominated for the Heather Crouch Young Coach of the Year at the UK Coaching Awards, supported by Gillette, in Glasgow.
Critique: A literary classic, "Heap House" is the first volume of author and illustrator Edward Carey's 'Iremonger Trilogy'.