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Synonyms for heap

Synonyms for heap

to put into a disordered pile

to make or become full; put as much into as can be held

to fill to overflowing


to give in great abundance

Synonyms for heap

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But Heap, after a long study, bowled a perfect bowl onto the jack.
27 acres, as well as allow both surface and underground mine processing at the heap leach facility.
Surveyors may verify the weight of each heap through this register.
After originally taking up coaching while studying criminology with law at Teesside University, Heap has established himself as a crucial figure at a variety of clubs in the north east.
But a group of residents have formed the Save Heaps Rice Mill Campaign and will be asking people to sign a petition in Liverpool city centre tomorrow.
COMMENT: We view the news as having a moderately positive impact for KGL as the low grade ore at Burnakura has to be mined anyway to access the high grade ore, while an additional production from the heap leach would likely to substantially decrease costs.
For the album's first track, Heap selected sounds created by two local musicians: father and daughter Bob and Anna Ponto.
Ole Green, head of the research unit at Aarhus University, Denmark, has developed small red balls that house sensors capable of measuring the temperature in, for example, silage stacks, without breaking the seal covering the heap.
It's completely secure for the user so the government can't snoop on them," Heap told the BBC in August 2009.
PC Alan Heap was charged with slapping Ewan MacWilliam, 26.
imoGen heap 02, ABC, Glasgow, February 8 A tweeting toy bluebird, a giant gong, a wine glass and a saw were just a fraction of the intriguing sounds as Imogen Heap ran around the stage sampling everything she could get her hands on.
Cheyenne/Arapaho conceptual artist Edgar Heap of Birds is known for politically charged works that explore the conflict between Native American memory and non-Indian historical accounts.
London, Nov 13 (ANI): Peeing on the compost heap can help fertilise gardens and save on flushing the lavatory, a UK charity has urged.