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Synonyms for healthier

improved in health or physical condition


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Only a few American cities appear in these tables, but they are scattered so widely over the country that they furnish a good general average of CITY health in the United States; and I think it will be granted that our towns and villages are healthier than our cities.
Edinburgh is as healthy as New York--23; but there is no CITY in the entire list which is healthier, except Frankfort-on-the-Main--20.
We're just as able as our folks ever were, and we're healthier on top of it.
I have been long enough away from my journal to come back to it with a healthier and better mind, I hope, so far as Sir Percival is concerned.
I am glad to see you again, and in a healthier place than the Circumlocution Office.
Mr Davies said: "Everyone agrees that it's far healthier to smoke e-cigarettes than normal cigarettes but TV advertising of any smoking will glamorise all smoking.
The retail giant has started clearing out the unhealthy snacks to replace them with healthier alternatives by the end of the year.
New Medicaid recipients enrolling in die program as a result of the Affordable Care Act are healthier both physically and mentally than are pre-ACA Medicaid enrollees, according to a study in Health Affairs.
For the second year in a row, Delaware public health workers called on residents to adopt healthier lifestyles in the new year.
UnitedHealthcare today announced it is providing $600,000 in support of Healthier Tennessee, the inaugural initiative of the Governor's Foundation for Health and Wellness, a nonprofit corporation created to improve the health of Tennesseans over the long-term.
After years of work to create a healthier doughnut that still has all the taste of a fried doughnut, CSM has announced they have achieved the impossible with their Readi-Bake Reduced Fat Doughnut.
Now it's a lot healthier and that has to be a good thing - Jill Wooding, 50, care home manager from Grangetown I like straightforward stuff like parmos, steak and curries.
WOMEN who have twins tend to be healthier and live longer, a study has suggested.
As part of the government scheme, families are being urged to swap at least one unhealthy habit for a healthier one.