healthcare facility

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building where medicine is practiced

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The standards will be implemented in five parts including administrative provision that outlines the licensing process for healthcare facilities and the pre-qualification process for design consultants as well as the health facility briefing and planning that includes architectural and healthcare facility planning standards.
The standards will be used for the evaluation of applications for healthcare facility licensing as well as inspections.
Leibrock: The Dutch build apartments in which residents are guaranteed that they will never have to live in a healthcare facility or be moved from housing to assisted living to skilled nursing.
A group of professionals, including representatives from interior design, research, architecture, facility management and nursing, have joined together under the name of The Healthcare Design Council, specifically organized by the flooring manufacturer Collins & Aikman, to look at the interaction of science, art and common sense as they relate to healthcare facility design.
Several years ago, many healthcare facility owners tried commercial carpeting because they valued the hospitality image that carpet offered.
In general, electricity accounts for 3% to 5% of total operating expense of a healthcare facility, and this can usually be reduced by up to 20%.
META has an unparalleled reputation for helping healthcare facility owners efficiently and effectively deploy and modify their capital assets.
In the past five years, META has completed or is currently engaged in 500+ projects representing over $3 billion in project costs with a staff of more than 80 highly experienced healthcare facility experts.
This alliance now enables HCI to provide a daily snapshot of how a healthcare facility is performing against its defined business goals, providing a complete decision support solution that will ensure organizations remain focused on meeting and outperforming their business goals.
0, its Web-based, radio frequency identification-enabled equipment management system that can be applied to other healthcare facility needs, including patient tracking and surgical-instrument management.
0 introduces the addition of tools to manage daily rental equipment not owned by the healthcare facility or managed by Agility, an enhanced Web front-end for better system usability and navigation, and a full e-mail alert system to allow healthcare facilities to respond more effectively to corporate governance including mandates for operational visibility.
The healthcare facility will also be able to maintain HIPAA compliance, protecting the privacy of patient's medical records through the use of innovative technology.
The healthcare facility uses the latest technology to support centers of excellence in trauma and emergency care, along with specialties in pediatrics, rehabilitation, surgery, cancer, diabetes, home care, hospice, neuroscience, orthopedics and cardiology.
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