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the provision of health care

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He said, the training which focused on the Development of Operational Guidelines for the Board, organized by UNICEF, would create rules to run the primary healthcare delivery services in the state.
The magazine provides news and analysis of all aspects of the utilization of modern electronics, telecommunications and IT technologies applied to remote healthcare delivery, medical treatment and fitness/wellness management.
Viewed in total, NPs' greatest value is the focus, continuity, and clarity they bring to healthcare delivery, especially in the nursing home setting.
Every dollar saved on energy is a dollar that could be devoted to healthcare delivery, medical research, and patient comfort," says Jennifer Kearney, who joined the hospital in October 2003 as Energy Programs Manager.
The National Directory of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems Database on CD-ROM profiles includes such management information data for decision-making as follows:
The mission of the Missouri Model Spinal Cord Injury System (MOMSCIS) focuses on improving access to high quality rehabilitation services by supporting integrated comprehensive community-based systems of healthcare delivery.
The Healthcare Delivery Innovation Alliance (HDIA) is a 501(c)(4), non-profit membership organization whose members are leaders in healthcare services and technology, business, government, and academia.
Employers are at the mercy of a healthcare delivery system that is fraught with unnecessary cost and inefficiencies that they, and their employees and dependents, are paying for," said Bob Fabbio, HDIA Chairman and CEO of WhiteGlove Health.
AUSTIN, Texas -- The Healthcare Delivery Innovation Alliance (HDIA), a non-profit membership organization representing a coalition of private sector and non-profit leaders in healthcare, technology and other industries, today announced a national charter and agenda to develop certification standards for healthcare delivery models that promise to improve the healthcare experience while lowering costs for businesses and patients.
LONDON -- Across Europe, improved access to technology and the need to reduce healthcare delivery costs have underpinned the search for cost-effective solutions.
The report also reviews the competition in the healthcare delivery sector and key factors driving the market.
BOSTON -- Harvard Business School (HBS) today announced plans to offer a new executive education program for healthcare professionals called Managing Healthcare Delivery.
How are patient safety strategies being deployed, and how do they differ between different sizes and types of healthcare delivery organizations?
This high profiled summit addressed the dynamic changes taking place in IT adoption by Indian Healthcare delivery services and focused on the advances that would impact them in the near future.
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