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any natural or prepared food popularly believed to promote good health

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com)-- Health Foods Unlimited has served the Dayton area for almost 40 years, providing everything the environmentally- and health-conscious individual needs for a healthier lifestyle.
As a kind of food, health food has features in common with general food, which can be produced in the form of common food or tablet, capsule, etc.
As it stands, the level to which China's population accepts and consumes health foods is far below that of many developed nations; a 2010 research report of its health food market estimated consumer spending to be 0.
Consumers were warned not to consume 250g and 500g packets of Independent Irish Health Foods Organic Sesame Seeds and Organic Four Seed Mix.
Where high-calorie junk food goes, health food follows close behind, those in the industry say, predicting solid growth for health products in Asia in the next few years.
The new company, TSD Wellness, will be capitalized at 50 million yen (US$450,000) and support the development and launch of health food products and food for specified health use (FOSHU).
As an alternative, the tincture is available in health food stores.
THE future of Britain's thriving market in vitamins and other food supplements was in hot dispute yesterday after European judges approved tough new laws that health food campaigners wanted scrapped.
And if you were wondering what those 900 salarymen were doing when they could have been at home helping solve the birth-rate problem, they were probably browsing the shelves of a health food store.
Health food sales got their start in the nation's traditional pharmacies, but there has recently been an upsurge in the number of health food stores that operate in metropolitan areas.
Health food stores are stocked with ready-to-eat vegan sandwiches, non-dairy yogurts, and homemade vegetable or "meat" pies, as well as the incredible Tartex brand of veggie pate hard to come by in the US and itself worth a trip to a European health food store.
HERBAL remedies are often seen as natural and gentle alternatives to conventional medicines, but poor service in health food shops could be putting customers at risk.
These days, health food stores are selling more than granola and herbal teas.
Calling his new venture Health Emporium, Allen Lalwani, the operator of two Drug Emporium outlets in this densely populated area just west of New York City, has set up a 3,000-square-foot health food store in the middle of a 25,000-square-foot drug store in the heart of a busy shopping center.
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