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Synonyms for health care

social insurance for the ill and injured

the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession

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On the fourth day of Christmas, health care gave to me: "Four more cost-based years (Non-PPS)..." (Kevin Cornish, Senior Manager Post-Acute Care Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP) Three upward trends, two less regulations, and a patient-first philosophy.
The significance of adequate health care coverage for all Americans is indisputable.
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION recently spoke with him about his approach to health care cost management to garner tips that might be useful for administrators facing similar health care cost woes.
Some groups in health care have been resisting this movement, trying to control the flow of information.
By far the most frequently reported site of usual health care was a primary care provider; 47% of respondents gave this reply.
Thus, agencies risk giving up a large chunk of revenues as they escort their customers into the world of consumer-driven health care. It seems the incentive is there to not rock the boat until the client starts leaning over the side.
In the absence of a sane, sensible, universal health care system, religious fanaticism and the private market combine to create a very unhealthy environment.
Second, it should pay for covering those who are currently uninsured by cutting waste, not by increasing the total amount our country spends on health care.
It just does not make sense to ignore the nation's largest integrated health care network and the millions of veterans it serves each year.
Business leaders need to communicate the seriousness of the health care crisis all the way to the top, said Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx.
Accessibility to health care as well as multiple and changing treatment modalities and delivery options pose significant challenges to social workers.
That course would mean the end of private health care in the U.S., and with it the unparalleled medical progress that has benefited patients in this country and throughout the world.
the Surgeon General's report (1) on oral health care illuminated the problem.
Research on health literacy should assist the NIH in its mission of communicating scientifically based health information to the public and to the health care providers and related professionals who serve the public.
Chris and Lisa Wilson were living a just-about picture-perfect middle-class life in New York's Duchess County when America's health care crisis came pounding on their front door last spring.
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