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social insurance for the ill and injured

the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession

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In last year's struggle over health care reform, opponents of the Clinton ad ministration's initiative invoked the specter of government "rationing" The obvious implication was that rationing of health care does not exist in the United States today but would if the Clinton ad ministration had its way.
Miller: I'm on the Health Care Task Force for the Republicans, chaired by Bob Michel and Newt Gingrich.
We are pleased the Asheville Area Employers Health Care Alliance has chosen CAPP CARE," said William T.
First, because the sole source of income for the UHV system is the VAT, increasing the amount we spend on health care will require federal action to increase the tax.
Business leaders need to communicate the seriousness of the health care crisis all the way to the top, said Fred Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx.
The Bush administration, for its part, has failed to offer a coherent alternative to piecemeal nationalization of health care.
If it is the latter, then the profession can continue on its current pathway, and resign itself to serve less of the overall oral health care needs for the nation.
of health and medical vocabulary, concepts such as "risk," the organization and functioning of health care systems); 4) disabilities (e.
What's needed, though, is for the congressional leadership to allow, the House and Senate Veterans" Affairs Committees to hold hearings on the two bills so that lawmakers can learn more about the VA health care crisis and our solution to the problem.
Their sons' university tuition and fees include a bill for health care coverage.
Place a fixed amount of health-care money in the hands of employees and dependents, engage them in the process of making smarter decisions about medical care and see the cost of health care equilibrate.
Over the past several decades, adolescents have gained many opportunities to receive confidential health care services, particularly for concerns related to sexual activity, pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), substance abuse and mental health.
The explanation for these two differing philosophical approaches to health care policy lies in the esoteric and arcane federal ERISA laws.
The rhetorical mantra is ``did you know that there are 40 million children who do not have health care insurance?
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