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Synonyms for health

Synonyms for health

the condition of being physically and mentally sound

Synonyms for health

a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease

the general condition of body and mind

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Adolescent health behaviors include, but are not limited to, nutrition/dietary practices, physical activity, weight control, drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, injuries and violence, and sexual activity.
As an illustration of applying the psychological behaviorism framework to a health behavior, consider noncompliance to prescribed weight loss regimen that focuses on consuming a low-fat, high-fiber diet instead of a high-fat, low-fiber diet.
This enhances positive health behavior by reducing the detrimental influence of social and environmental factors such as peer group pressure, which generally has a strong effect on smoking, drinking, and drug abuse, especially during late adolescence (McAlister, 1983).
traditions that are grounded in health behavior theory and supported by research findings .
The ACS and Healthy People 2010 goals are shown in Table 1, along with the estimated prevalence of four health behaviors in the United States in 2003.
Although this information is important to understanding health behaviors among young adults, it is important to note that this study was performed nearly ten years ago and health behavior trends may have changed over the years.
The second part includes five steps of behavioral change, known in Choices as the 5 Cs of Bone Health Behavior.
Over the past several decades, researchers have increasingly documented that the portion of population health status attributable to medical care is modest, when compared with the contributions of other factors, including health behaviors, psychosocial and environmental factors, and genetic endowment (McGinnis and Foege 1993).
Multiscreen Online Health Behavior: How advanced are European consumers in terms of their digital health behaviors across devices?
LiveHealthier is a leading provider of technology and service-based health management solutions to large employers, unions and government organizations designed to foster positive and lasting health behaviors that drive down health care costs.
This introductory text for undergraduate students in professional preparation programs uses plain language and an engaging writing style to explain the major theories of health behavior.
Short description of the contract or purchase Current first empirical survey the clinical dental oral health status using recognized index systems, 2nd the oral health behavior based on social science questionnaires and 3 of dental care degree.
15 in the Journal of American College Health, the study examined a brief, Computer based multiple health behavior intervention that measured students' intentions to use alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana, as well as their exercise, nutrition and sleep behaviors.
After an introduction to concepts of motivation as they are commonly used in the field of health behavior research and practice, contributors in pubic health and neurogenetics of social behavior describe research on motivating individuals with autism, evolutionary psychology-based motives, and sexual behavior determinants and risk perception related to HIV among college students.
Risk perceptions are thought to be a key predictor of health behaviors in many health behavior models, such as the Health Belief Model (Janz & Becker, 1984), Protection Motivation Theory (Rogers & Prentice-Dunn, 1997), and the Precaution Adoption Process Model (Weinstein, 1998); however, the actual association between these two constructs varies considerably.
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