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freed from illness or injury

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However, when Augustine reluctantly laid hands on the sick relative of a close friend, the man was instantly healed.
There are two stories in Luke about lepers who are healed by Jesus: a leprous individual at 5:12-16 and the ten lepers at 17:11-19.
This may explain why in religious healing sceptics cannot be healed, for they do not share in the same assumptive world of the healer.
Is being healed always in the best interest of the patient?
In some dramatic instances, people who left the church 25 years ago are reunited," and their broken relationships with God, family, or friends are healed.
Music had somehow healed each of us,'' says Dexter, who regularly performs with her band, the Brave Souls, on the L.
The treated sites maintained a robust bed of granulation tissue and minimal surrounding erythema, while the untreated sites appeared to be well healed with minimal erythema.
Most of the dogs getting the drug healed fully within 24 weeks of surgery, regardless of the severity of the break.
With diligent and aggressive treatment, every one of those wounds was healed.
After swelling has subsided and any incision has healed, caloric need should probably be adjusted.
After she is healed by Harlan, Canada is anxious that Harlan understand she is no kin to the notorious Eva).
The wounds of past prejudices, injustices and broken trust will never be healed unless we "strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.
The BQA process would begin with patients selecting the concrete behaviors that their direct providers must exhibit in order for them--as customers-to conclude they are being healed, that is, being treated with loving care and respect.
The study results indicated successful clinical outcomes, with all patients in both groups healed by 24 weeks or earlier.