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Synonyms for heal

Synonyms for heal

to rectify (an undesirable or unhealthy condition)


Synonyms for heal

heal or recover

provide a cure for, make healthy again

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After Respawn Entertainment's decision to patch the technique out of the game, a lot of fans weren't pleased as they relied on the bunny-hop heal to improve their gameplay.
In addition to the social determinants of Health, Heal doctors have unique access to prior health records through its integration with the Apple Health Kit, combined with gathering vital signs in real-time with the Heal Hub.
With this method, which was taken from various sources and summarized for easy application, we have seen individuals healed of such health conditions as sinusitis, myoma, back pain, severe headaches and migraines, skin problems, kidney stones, etc.
Finally the polymerization of DCPD monomer with Grubb's catalyst heals the cracked portion.
How Does the HEAL Cities Campaign Make a Difference?
"He healed the sick and told people that the kingdom of God is here.
In the case of SMA-reinforced systems, a metalcaster or designer would need to identify a suitable aluminum alloy matrix and an interfacing material that will liquefy and become sealed under the clamping force needed to heal the crack.
This word has some affinity with [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (diasozo), which also carries both senses of "to save" and "to heal." For example, the centurion sent to Jesus to heal (diasozo) his slave (Luke 7:3).
As the "HEAL home" the Foundation for Healthy Communities is charged with building a statewide infrastructure to implement HEAL recommended interventions, raise awareness for HEAL priority objectives and create and administer a community grant program to support communities in adopting the recommended interventions in the HEAL action plan.
Some typical examples include self-healing coatings that retain their pristine appearance even when scratched; satellite components (including seals currently used in the International Space Station); self-healing snow goggles that heal shallow surface scratches overnight; underground polymer pipes; self-healing car interiors that look "as good as new" for many years; covers for IC chips; coatings on train windows; and self-restoring score cards on firing ranges.
It is important that healthcare providers work toward making our practice and the environment that supports it reflect our values and our intent to heal regardless of the specific measurable outcomes these acts can generate.
The Greek verb [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is rich and multivalent; it means "save," "rescue," and "heal." In the end, Mark's powerful healer allows himself to be conquered by Death.
Wilson says, 'I try to teach my staff that we are really here to devote our time and attention and open our hearts to create a sacred space where guests can come to rest and heal."
His healing powers drew the crowds to him, and his ability to heal also lent credibility to his radical, socially transforming teachings.