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a stream that forms the source of a river

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The award recognizes Headstream's innovative and impactful edutech solution and its growing presence across the world.
The result of pre-research in the area of Lore Lindu National Park (Lariang Tengah sub-sub watersheds) also the headstream of Palu watershed, that the conditions of erosion far above the value of etol (tolerable erosion).
In November 1985, record flooding in central and eastern West Virginia, especially in the headstream areas of the Greenbrier, Potomac, Monongahela and Little Kanawha rivers, resulted in 47 deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.
According to Ward & Stanford (1995), connectivity had a great importance on energetic transformations of fluvial landscape, in three dimensions: the longitudinal (headstream to mouth zone), lateral (river-inundation plain) and vertical (river-underground waters).
The stations lie respectively from the headstream to the end at the following locations (Fig.2).
Of the eight sites, six (IVRV 1-6) were along the Ivo River, One (IVRV BG) is the headstream of the Ivo River and is located outside the mining district and therefore forms a control area, while the last sampling point is downstream at Okpanku Ikoli located beyond the mining area.
The project was secured through Bluewater Bio's licensing agreement with Headstream Water Holdings.
Crisp DT, Robson S (1979) Some effects of discharge upon the transport of animals and peat in a north Pennine headstream. Journal of Applied Ecology 16, 721-736.
After a quiescence period, caldera resurgence occurred during the Second Eruptive Epoch (SEE) with the formation of several vents inside it, most of them located at Olitas headstream; lava domes, block and ash flow deposits, pyroclastic surges and ignimbrites interbedded with lacustrine siltstones and torrential oligomictic conglomerates remained restricted to the caldera depression, while ash fall tuffs mantled inflow and outflow zones (Figure 2)(Cepeda & Pardo-Villaveces 2004; Pardo-Villaveces et al., 2005).
Geographers measure the Nile River from its headstream in what country, to its delta in Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea?
TEXAS -- Dessie Cherry, Keith Hannsz, Toni Headstream, Tony Horton, Kary P.
Lubbock pumps groundwater from the farm back to the city's northern edge to provide water for the Canyon Lakes, a chain of small recreational lakes in Yellowhouse Canyon (Headstream et al., 1976).
James and Janie Headstream sold the property to Cobb and her husband, A.B., in October 1961 for $44,000.