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Synonyms for headstone

Synonyms for headstone

the central building block at the top of an arch or vault

a stone that is used to mark a grave

References in classic literature ?
'Ay, ay,' said Bradley Headstone, 'but you spoke of a mere brother.
'For the purpose, I would advise Not Miss Peecher,' Bradley Headstone struck in with a recurrence of his late decision of manner.
'Would you be so kind as to think of it for me, Mr Headstone?'
A headstone at Flaybrick Cemetery now marks the resting place of socialist campaigner Edward McHugh, his suffragette wife Ellen and their daughter Ethel.
She said: "I was horrified to see what had been done to my uncle's grave and to think that someone would destroy the headstone of someone who died in the war.
A MUM told of her heartache yesterday after being ordered to take down her tragic girl's headstone - because it doesn't meet regulations.
THE family of a child crushed to death by a headstone have slammed a cemetery safety report as "too little, too late".
Body of evidence on headstone testers VISITORS to Witton Cemetery are now greeted by the sight of hundreds of headstones festooned with blue nylon banding with warning letters stating that your headstone is unsafe and has been tested by specialist contractors.
Headstone memorials are really emotional objects, especially considering their use and what they signify.
Headstone Manor Recreation Ground, in Headstone Lane, had an area sectioned off by police and some witnesses reported seeing police dogs in the park.
A CAMPAIGN by members of the Royal British Legion has successfully corrected an error on the headstone for two soldiers who died a century ago.
THE riddle of how a headstone came to be mysteriously restored has been solved.
A fundraising bid to provide a headstone for a Dumfries woman has hit its target.
Conversely, no matter how many other parameters match, if the ages of headstone and candidate source quarry do not match, we probably have not located the source.