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the band that is the part of a bridle that fits around a horse's head


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Various items of horse tack are some of the most important accoutrements illustrated in Plains Indians' biographic art, with such things as elaborate bridle bits, headstalls, saddles, brands, and various decorative items frequently represented (Horse Capture and Her Many Horses 2006; Keyser 1991; Keyser and Mitchell 2001; Keyser and Poetschat 2009; Petersen 1971:293-295).
For the examples on both robes that are still extant the rectangle is colored red, as are the straps (e.g., crown piece, cheek piece) forming the rest of the headstall. Other horse masks are identified in several ledger drawings (Cowdrey et al.
I look at the walls around me that are nailed and studded and holding stiff ropes--stirrups, bridles, reins, flourishes of headstalls and straps, harnasses and spurs, peggings of leather riggings, worn old chaps, cracked hames, and unknowable leather things.
To make a living, Ramon fashioned spurs, stirrups, headstalls, breastplates, earring, bracelets, and brooches, all in "the Chilean style" (meaning Mapuche), which he traded for cattle, sheep, and horses.
Wander toward the back of the shop, where craftsmen bent over worktables make saddles and spur straps, horse headstalls, and leather bags.
This extensive, fully illustrated list includes many interesting frontier items such as holsters for the Colt Paterson and Walker revolvers, an 1870s-style double-loop holster for the Ruger Blackhawk, buffalo hunter Sharps rifle cartridge belts, new designs in old-time spur leathers and cowboy headstalls, 1880s-style vests (with the old-timey lapels), high-waisted frontier trousers, cavalry saber wrist knots and more.