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Udall maintains the effectiveness of the Erasmian method of reading that he practiced privately in the glosses of De emendata structura and introduced into the classroom through the annotations of the Floures in his scholarly translation of Erasmus's Apophthegmes, published soon after he left his headmastership at Eton in 1541.
Peter Snow brings all his traditional enthusiasm to bear on such stories as Eric Shipton's reconnaissance of Everest, Rugby School under the headmastership of the dastardly Dr Arnold and the trade in Peruvian guano.
I seem to recall that when Roger Uttley, then England's coach,served under his headmastership at Harrow, Uttley was required to remain with the school XV on a Saturday afternoon when England were playing at Twickenham.
Professor Snape is taking over the headmastership, and modules on Dark Arts and Death Eating will be compulsory as of this term."
He resigned from the headmastership of King Edward's Five Ways School, Birmingham, in 1969 and settled with his wife in Brecon, where he became a full-time writer.
Having stood unsuccessfully for the headmastership in 1832 he accepted in June the incumbency of the newly consecrated St John's.
And so was the trusty Austrian arrangement known as Proporz, a cozy system whereby public-sector sinecures, right down to the humblest provincial headmastership, are shared out between the two leading Establishment parties.
A schoolmaster - he occupied the headmastership of William of Wykeham's foundation, Winchester College, for some eleven years, during which time he taught the rudiments of Latin grammar with the aid of ushers.
In the novel, Tom, a student at Rugby School in the time of Thomas Arnold's headmastership, is harassed by the school bully, Flashman, but overcomes his trials.