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"You are quite welcome to take my head off, as long as it will be a better one when you put it on again."
They hammer its head off and get grouched because it ain't an angel of obedience.--Put him away, Johnny.
Its head off! Bite!"--so cried it out of me; my horror, my hatred, my loathing, my pity, all my good and my bad cried with one voice out of me.--
Looking at Whitehall, sir?--fine place--little window--somebody else's head off there, eh, sir?--he didn't keep a sharp look-out enough either--eh, Sir, eh?'
Firefighters in Ohio, US, had to cut the head off the reptile, which had bitten the 45-year-old's nose, to save her life.
RHYS Webb had to give the Ospreys' post-match celebrations a miss yesterday so he could head off to be the best man at his mate's wedding.
The UFC star said he would "slap the head off " pranksters if they came near him.
(Noynoy Aquino, watch this; if you will not give us the ransom, we will cut this Canadian's head off. You too, if I find you, I'll cut your head off.)
A CHILDREN'S home worker faces a disciplinary hearing for allegedly threatening to "rip the head off" one of the youngsters he was looking after.
Then Ipswich Town visit St Andrew's before Blues head off to Brentford and Wigan Athletic.
Summary: Five men kidnapped a compatriot and threatened to cut his head off if they did not get Dh20,000 in ransom, a court heard.
Passengers will head off for a 10-day Norwegian fjords turnaround cruise.
Summary: Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes ...
British and Commonwealth champion Selby has boasted how he will box the head off Simpson, a previous holder of both titles.
Summary: Sunday's rally was marred by the death of a teenager in a road accident in Akkar, which required a heavy army deployment to head off sectarian tension.