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the head of a household or family or tribe

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The FTB reviews head of household returns because the rules for it are often misunderstood.
The more the age of the head of household, the less likely for the child to combine school with work and the more likely for the child to work.
Because Sarah and the kids have no income, Kisha can claim them as dependents and can file as a head of household, which puts her in a lower tax bracket than if she filed singly.
I believe that over 50 percent of the Korean people are for scrapping the head of household code," Kwak noted.
In most cases, the head of household was a parent; sometimes it was some other relative; and in some instances, the never-married woman was herself head of household.
Exhibit 2 shows that a single parent filing as head of household is most susceptible to the AMT system.
Moreover, among online households, the male head of household typically pays the monthly bills.
We use Gini coefficients and regression analysis to estimate income differences by head of household age, education, gender, and nationality.
Married couples filing their tax returns jointly have fared the worst of three groups: single, head of household and married filing jointly.
Twenty percent of homes with a head of household age 18-34 are broadcast only, compared with 15% of homes in which the head of household is 35-54, or 13% of homes in which the head of household is 55 years of age or older.
For joint, surviving spouse or head of household taxpayers, the standard deduction increased from $7,984 to $8,088 for tax year 2015.
The offer is open to any Afghan head of household who has been granted refugee status in the UK, and will allow prospective returnees to investigate opportunities for housing and employment.
F or example she compares being a head of household as recognized in 1900, vs.
Thus, a single taxpayer who pays more than half of the cost of a dependent parent's nursing home may qualify as a head of household.