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growth of hair covering the scalp of a human being


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Cheryl, of Rhyl, is just about coping with the novelty of her first full head of hair in decades.
BEIRUT: A full head of hair goes a long way in Lebanon -- a culture where appearance is paramount -- but may be one of the hardest things to keep around.
Researchers from Japan found that men who had lost most of their hair were a third more likely to develop coronary heart disease than those who retained a full head of hair.
A SCHOOLGIRL left bald by burns suffered in a kitchen accident has finally returned to the classroom - after pioneering surgery to attach a new head of hair.
In the shopping scene mentioned, ladies' hats were much in evidence and I could spot only one woman without a hat, but she has a fine head of hair and that may have been the reason.
She's so photogenic and has such a beautiful head of hair.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl who suffered baldness after being badly burned, is now the proud owner of a full head of hair.
A spokeswoman for the singer said: "The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair.
Rebecca, incidentally, is the first Jew that Brian has ever met, but such exotica takes a back seat to the buxom charms of Alice (Alice Harbinson), a frothy Barbie doll with a great head of hair.
Beloved for his fakie tres and handsome head of hair, Drake Jones is finally back, but as the new Mystery team manager.
Following the young woman through a week of ongoing and increasingly problematic tattering and knotting of her abundant head of hair, The Tangle Tower will simply captivate young readers ages 5 to 7 with "what happens next
A young African-American girl named Sarah is embarrassed by her hairstyle; when she meets Mary Beth, who has a beautiful blond head of hair, she feels frustrated and sad about her own unruly tresses.
Writer-director Curtis saddles De la Tour with the hoariest movie-cancer cliches in the book: an irrelevant cough and a chemo-style head scarf--with a full head of hair underneath.