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and so did Jones Lang LaSalle head honcho Peter Riguardi: contrary to rampant speculation that 7 World Trade is close to leasing hundreds of thousands of square feet, there are no imminent deals in the works just yet for the 1.7 million s/f tower that so far has received only 20,000 s/f of commitment.
Hell, head honcho Dave Crider even stuck one of his old band's numbers on there (or are the Mono Men back together?).
These business standouts have made it to regional VP, country manager or CEO, among other positions, but have not yet nailed the job of head honcho.
The head honcho of one of the world's biggest news agencies is never without an IBM laptop, a Nokia cell phone or his Palm V handheld organizer.
"Drinking is teen America's fatal attraction....a deadly round of Russian roulette," claimed CASA's head honcho, Joseph A.
As part of the agreement, Bill Rogers, CBM's head honcho, signed a non-compete agreement that had him playing golf for five years, his son, Brett, said.
references to race--was presented as being head honcho of
Summary: The head honcho of entertainment conglomerate T-Series says the release of a film is bound by uncertainty
In a week when the British Army's head honcho said we no longer have the capability to beat Russia in a war, this seems like a victory for our greatest weapon of all: humour.
'I hope with this win, we'll be humble and nice to everybody,' the SMC head honcho said in Filipino, addressing the Gin Kings Monday during their official victory party at the SMC Head Offices.
The Golden Gloves ABC head honcho, who is working in tandem with former fighter Pat Barrett, had been set to promote a show at Fusion Nightclub in the city on July 22.
Imre Kiss are playing live and label head honcho Asquith is on decks with Loose Joints.
It seems that every time head honcho Stephen House appears on TV these days it is to explain, or apologise for, perceived errors in implementing procedure.
Tonight's final episode sees the entire cast in court for a planning hearing (presided over by former Holby City head honcho Guy Henry) in which the Mottershead family will hear themselves branded "Dishonourable, dangerous and devilish".
"He is struggling in his new role as head honcho," says Laurence, 36.