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a garment that covers the head and face

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It's not an unsubstantiated assumption, given that historically some women's head covering has meant to limit men's sexual temptation for them and often has symbolized submission to a husband (this may have been Paul's point in 1 Corinthians).
The messages regarding head covering may be less clearly absorbed than those around sleeping position.
As she studied for her finals in the student lounge, she wore a black-lace head covering and a knee-length jean skirt over white tights.
The policy is that head coverings for religious reasons, cultural reasons, economic reasons and medical reasons are all acceptable, as long as we can see the members full face," explained Tom Lyons, senior vice president for security for the credit union.
1 : a head covering and especially one having a visor and no brim
I can't go back for 100 years but I can recall what I wore to school well over 80 years ago and no boy was allowed in school wearing a cap or any other head covering in those days.
Through something as simple and as complex as my mother's head covering, Rachida and I began to understand each other as real people who practiced religious faith, and that intersection of our respective traditions opened the way for more conversations.
However, Muslim women wearing a full head covering are not, it seems, offending anyone.
Perhaps most exasperating for Muslim women, however, is Western feminists' preoccupation with the Islamic head covering, often generically referred to as the veil.
Designed to be worn behind the head, the Model SR-10 headset is well-suited for users who need to wear a hardhat or other head covering while working in industrial and warehouse settings.
To help students learn before they judge, consider the following turban and head covering know-how:
For women: lace commode, head covering with stiff ruffles, lace apron front, and large and heavy train on skirt
The same should be done for police service a nimals, especially supplementing the vest with some type of head covering or helmet device to protect the dog's most vulnerable target zone.
There is a difference between head covering of the muhajaba (a woman who consciously wears the head covering to signify religiosity) and a mu 'adabah (polite and modest woman) whose head covering connotes only respectability.
According to a 2004 CAIR study of such policies nationwide, Ohio grants exemptions for 1) wigs or hairpieces if customarily worn by the applicant, 2) a head covering worn for recognized religious purposes, or 3) a head covering worn in conjunction with recognized medical treatments.