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number of people in a particular group


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Too bad: The university may lose anyway, unless it's brought the overall head count into line.
Utilization of a Texas Enterprise Zone benefit requires reporting payroll, head count, continued proof of employee qualification and job durations, detail of capital acquisitions, and verification to support sales and use tax outlays for which a refund may be obtained.
The study, based partly on actual head counts of churchgoers, argues that the rate of church attendance is actually about half that claimed for years by social scientists.
Advantages to having a reduced work force, he said, were that the foundry could: maintain desired head count and associated fringes, allow for increased employee earnings, reduce layoffs in poor times and ensure skilled performances.
Their head count for summer fell 0.7 percent from summer 2017, and credit hours fell 0.6 percent.
Cake decorators Culpitt has overseen a fall in head count
Summary: Herds of budding athletes will flock the streets of the capital next week, with an unprecedented head count making this year's Blom Beirut Marathon the largest to date.
Global Banking News-January 25, 2012--Citi to reduce head count in India(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
They can also be first in line when organisations look to reduce head count.
Despite his absence, the celebrity head count was predictably high.
Meurig Evans and his wife Elliw He said: "Stewards would do a head count as vehicles arrived, so my father would hide us under a blanket in the footwell of our car.
Hays said it cut its head count by 9% in the three months to the end of March, bringing the total employee reduction in the last 12 months to 27%.
The decennial census determines congressional districts and thus representation in the Electoral College, and Democrats and Republicans have long sparred over whether to hold to a hard head count or use sampling for areas where obtaining head counts proves difficult.
"We're seeing employers acting with caution when hiring new staff, with four out of five planning to keep their head count levels the same for the first three months of next year.
A head count is underway of North-umberland's historic mountain goats.