head cold

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a common cold affecting the nasal passages and resulting in congestion and sneezing and headache

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By this time, we were battling the weather, mild head colds, and being significantly late to take off.
Do head colds knock you out of commission for two or three weeks?
ATLANTA - A simple head cold may be deadlier than health care workers realize.
A seasoned reporter, clearly more impressed with Zhu, commented that the most notable feature of Li's speech at the NPC opening last year was his need for an assistant to provide him with a constant supply of handkerchiefs to attend to the symptoms of a bad head cold.
During his interview on the Wall Street Reporter, Allen also elaborates on his short and long-term visions for CytoDyn, tries to blame his head cold on the smog in Los Angeles, and concludes by wishing you all a warm and joyful Holiday Season.
The colt, 7-2 favourite for his Ascot mission a week tomorrow, had been due to start his campaign in the Tattersalls Gold Cup last month until picking up a head cold.
As you'll have noticed, and doubtless sighed about, the nights are drawing in quickly, which means winter is but a head cold away.
I still had a bit of a head cold on Saturday but I felt well enough to play, although I didn't feel too good after the result.
The veteran, 82, arrived at BBC1's studios on Friday to prepare lines and write gags - then went home after complaining of a head cold.
Suffering with a head cold, the unbeaten light heavyweight moved to 4-0-2 at Salford's Fit City with a lacklustre showing.
That rather than settle for tannic bitterness of a Beecham's Powder we may just decide to tackle the dull thud of the head cold with an invigorating line of Columbian talcum.
The head cold Cuellar was suffering from ruled him out of a press launch for the PFA Scotland Player of the Year awards in which he is one of the four nominees for the top prize.
I thought that the head cold I was fighting had just weakened me, and I hadn't put together what should have been obvious: The over-the-counter meds that the pharmacist had recommended for my head cold and sore throat had rendered me incapable of operating heavy machinery -- which my little Honda CRV qualifies as.
The Danes replaced him with recent British title challenger Brian Magee, only for a head cold to keep Kessler out of the gym this week.
And despite the fact that some ambulance crews had to deal with hoaxers calling 999 to report everything from a head cold to toothache, bosses said today they were pleased with their New Year's performance.