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Synonyms for he-man

muscle man


Synonyms for he-man

a man who is virile and sexually active

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Baer finds that He-Man has left a mark on popular culture at every phase of its evolution.
Left, 1987's Masters of the Universe featured He-Man
It has to be said, He-Man is not quite the toned Adonis of his TV heyday in the 80s.
On playing such roles, the American actor said that he loved Tarzan, He-Man and Hercules while growing up as he always had an active lifestyle and he love sports, PVR Pictures reported.
You'll also get lots of scuttlebutt about what's coming, what's going, what was built when and by whom -- enough to make you a real he-man know-it-all.
Why Dani James, chief executive of Premier Places, chose He-Man as her hero.
As for the He-Man references, I have to say I have always thought of Andy Murray as looking more like Skeletor, but on reflection maybe if the Scot adopted He-Man's strange 'bowl-cut with a mullet' blonde hairstyle it might prove a winner
Summary: COMMEMORATING the 30th anniversary of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Mattel has created .
Their brains can make your next move faster and easier, even if you don't have the brawn of a high school he-man.
Progressive rock, by the way, is impossible to play unless you're Jesus or He-Man.
While hunky Christopher Lambert was great as the Highland he-man, he was also short-sighted.
Skeletor may well be in possession of the shirt for now, but it could be just a matter of time before Guzan is Villa's goalkeeping He-Man.
Lundgren played He-Man in the movie Masters of the Universe and was the first actor to play Marvel comics hero The Punisher on the big screen.
Just as the film version of Transformers helped Hasbro relaunch its line of shape-shifting robot action figures to a new generation of young consumers, Mattel is hoping a movie will do the same for He-Man.
But Lego's unisex appeal may have helped it clinch the top spot ahead of more genderspecific toys such as Barbie, Sylvanian Families and He-Man.