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Synonyms for haziness

vagueness attributable to being not clearly defined

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cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor

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Despite the haziness of these regulations, governors are continuing to say that they are offering a balanced approach to education in their states.
The first-time director washes the story in a dreamlike haziness with moody lighting and a melancholy score that accents Monty's adrift state.
Masil Ultra SLIOOO is also APEO-free and is optimized to maintain gloss and prevent haziness.
He's not helped by a general haziness surrounding his project to create super slaves either.
These suspended solid particles when in higher concentrations cause haziness of water that is visible with naked eye.
Quigley's carefully researched book is rife with passages from her central authors that powerfully attest to literary modernism's interest in the philosophical question of vagueness, and Quigley does an especially thorough job of showing that Woolf's endeavors to convey the "crepuscular" haziness of life's transparent envelope was something she elaborated within (and also against) the context of a cultural moment in which a search for precision was the order of the day.
Her haziness was emphasised by the washed-out light coming through a facing window, throwing much of the background into contrasting darkness.
They cover managing the pre-combination phase, why gender is not debated, configuring management buyouts to ensure value fairness, optimizing private middle-market companies for merger and acquisition and growth, leveraging social networks in post-merger integration, looking under the haziness of culture conflict in post-merger integration, identity as an instrument, and determinants of acquisition performance.
uk) Berry's Green Tea with Aronia and Blueberry has the haziness of just-squeezed blueberries and is really fruity with just the hint of green tea in the background.
The higher the concentration of filler and larger are the agglomerates, the more haziness of the film would be observed.
The mission, called Southeast Nexus, should help scientists determine the origin of the fine particles and how they contribute to the haziness in the region and affect regional air quality and temperature trends.
The first chest radiograph postsurgery showed bilateral haziness but no evidence of pneumatoceles [Figure 1].
The cornea is a living window to the world, and damage to it lead to cloudiness or haziness that makes it hard or impossible to see," James L.
Part of the reason we're not seeing demand being revised higher is because there's a haziness on the transmission effect" of lower oil prices to the wider economy, Miswin Mahesh, an analyst at Barclays , said by phone from London.
Laterally the haziness was extending up to the right chest wall.