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Synonyms for haywire

Synonyms for haywire

wire for tying up bales of hay

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not functioning properly

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Haywire opens with a bang in a diner in upstate New York, where Mallory and Aaron engage in a furious brawl before she escapes in a car belonging to innocent bystander Scott (Michael Angarano) and relates her violent past in flashback.
the thing you'll most remember about Haywire is how good it might have been, not what it is.
THE VERDICT Haywire is all-action, bone-crunching movie mayhem at its very best.
Summary: Actor Channing Tatum and Gina Carano discuss the highs and the lows of their new action film Haywire.
So much these days seems to be going wrong or, if not wrong, then just haywire, as long-held assumptions about things like consumer attitudes towards payments (pay the mortgage first) and the value of real estate prove not to hold.
But things go haywire when the only baby they rescue has four feet and the owner has plenty to hide.
SINCE the introduction of downloads from the internet the music charts has, as forecast, gone haywire .
Plain and simply, this is inculturation gone haywire.
We have had a Nissan Terrano in here three or four times in the past week with the same sort of problems - dials going haywire and blacking out, which we had to reset.
raising alarms that the river is tainted by pollution that drives hormone systems haywire.
And he sometimes goes a bit haywire when he tries to describe them in objective ways, for instance of a project by Revel he says it 'was suspended by steel bars drawn to the facades from elevator towers'.
A Saunders story typically operates by some gross exaggeration of contemporary life, set in a not-too-distant future where things have gone irrevocably haywire.
Even the weather has gone haywire with rain so heavy that camels are floating and sheep don't need dipping.
But his experiment leads to some haywire twists and turns when he retains a non-English-speaking guide who thinks his father is a dolphin, and encounters a beautiful ethno-botanist searching for fertility drugs.