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Synonyms for haystack

a stack of hay


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A lot came out in print about him and a lot was talked in the world about her; and at once my dear mother perceived a haystack and naturally became unreasonably absorbed in it.
His whole harvest had gone up in his haystacks and barn.
The blond cornfields were red gold, the haystacks turned rosy and threw long shadows.
The haystacks could not possibly contain fifty wagon-loads each, and to convict the peasants Levin ordered the wagons that had carried the hay to be brought up directly, to lift one stack, and carry it into the barn.
Their huts were shaped like haystacks, and constructed of branches of willow covered with long grass, so as to be warm and comfortable.
Many solitary figures he perceives creeping through the streets; many solitary figures out on heaths, and roads, and lying under haystacks.
The natives there are less addicted to selling members of their own families, but still, men and animals all live together in round huts, without frames, that look like haystacks.
Finished in icon gold with black leather, optional rear seats, a new soft top, a haystack of bills and all MoTs back to 1988, this little gem (below) is a steal at anything under five grand.
What you get is a haystack so big you're never going to find the needle.
He added: 'It was like looking for a needle in a haystack but DNA evidence was the magnet to extract that needle from the depth of the haystack.
The enormous task of categorizing and retrieving information from the vast quantities of text stored in digital form has spurred the development of a variety of strategies for finding the textual needle in the database haystack.
The frames are made by carving and laminating vertical timber ribs, each to a particular profile, so that the whole three-dimensional object acquires a volumetric presence that curiously combines the characters of wobbly haystack and some sort of rather cuddly animal.
NAB's Pilot, the newly re-named NAB Labs, has invested in Haystack TV, an app that aggregates and curates videos.
One of the bomb team said: "A booby trap could have been wired to it anywhere and we were literally looking for a needle in a haystack.
Foster of the MIT Haystack Observatory in Westford, Mass.