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a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture

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Now, functioning well as "Exhibit A" in the demonstration of how one's beginnings rarely know one's ends, Hayseed Dixie have evolved into a proper force, one that most people either love, hate, or have never heard of.
At his gig next month, Wheeler will be playing material from his solo album as well as tracks from Hayseed Dixie's extensive back catalogue.
High jump Dod Morrison's winner picture of bluegrass rockers Hayseed Dixie
The festival's star-packed programme kicks off 4pm on Thursday with a set by Fairport's acoustic line-up followed by acclaimed young fiddle and guitar duo Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, rising star singer and guitarist Blair Dunlop, the reunited and celebrated folk-rock band Home Service, Appalachian "rockgrass hellraisiers" Hayseed Dixie and a closing set by Birmingham's reggae superstars UB40.
A ridiculous Major Redstone "coaxed" me to the verandah (a shoddy affair pleading for paint) and would woo "dear Belle, such a pert lady" back to his hayseed Kentucky.
The outrageous comic came across Hayseed Dixie during a trip the States and liked them so much he's flying them to Ireland when he marries girlfriend Yvonne McMahon on August 8.
Those hayseed Limbaugh listeners may not possess Derbyshire's vocabulary, but they run rings around him in the real world.
GIG: Hillbilly hell-raisers Hayseed Dixie return to Liverpool with their irresist table live show that combines the band's own material with unique interpretations of other artist's songs.
Even ticketbuyers with a hearty appetite for hayseed humor may be repulsed by the coarse cornpone tomfoolery of "Beer for My Horses," a '70sstyle redneck romp aimed at folks who felt intellectually challenged by the complex narrative stratagems of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.
All of which were just words, of course, and words certainly can't hurt you, but they were as alien and alarming to a hayseed in Mayberry as they would have been to a dozing shepherd, confronted by Pan.
While this photographer's perpetual outsider status has contributed to the lingering critical perception of his work's "authenticity"--he made his prints only once a year, during two-week vacations from his shop, Eyeglasses of Kentucky--Meatyard was no hayseed.
Hayseed Stephens, the company's CEO is currently in Israel conducting negotiations with equipment owners and vendors.
This didn't make them hayseed traditionalists out of place in the modern world, as some liberal critics have insisted.