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taking full advantage of an opportunity while it lasts

cutting grass and curing it to make hay

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Photograph taken at Felin Pandy, Pont-Y-Gwyddel, Llanfair TH of haymaking in the 1930s | Kevin Roberts of Tremeirchion submitted this photo of his tractor being involved in a collision with a HGV in June 1988.
For the first time in a few years, I muscled through the cool season haymaking without much fanfare or downtime.
It is seriously steep with bumps and bogs that make it a nightmare to negotiate with the tractors and associated haymaking machinery.
IT MAY be haymaking weather, but it didn't stop thousands of people interested in farming turn up in their droves to help celebrate the start of the Royal Welsh Show.
He especially enjoyed the haymaking season of late summer.
The bulk of the book offers specific chapters on cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, other livestock, poultry, crops, and haymaking.
The inclusion of Monet's radiant The Thaw at Vetheuil (1880) and Pissarro's pointillist Haymaking, Eragny (1887) helps to demonstrate how Munch and Van Gogh adopted radical new approaches to light, colour, and composition, while refusing to settle for one particular mode of painting.
The next day we are whisked off to the annual Lentiira Village Fair where we have been enlisted in the annual haymaking contest.
Miscellaneous agricultural equipments -- There are other activities that need the aid and assistance of agricultural implements and equipments as well, such as haymaking, loading and shredding.
Forage conservation methods such as ensiling and haymaking allow a more reliable supply of quality feed when forage production is low or dormant (MUCK & SHINNERS, 2001).
Haymaking, as long as fields are |cut for hay or haylage after July 5.
The date for collective haymaking in the commons was formally announced around the first week of August after the Friday congregation in the central mosque of the village.
It is more suited in lean seasons when weather is not conducive for haymaking.
On Midsummer Day in 1806, when Oddingley was busy with haymaking, a musket shot was heard, followed by the blood-curdling cry: "Murder, murder