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Synonyms for haymaker

a farm machine that treats hay to cause more rapid and even drying

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a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing

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Additionally, Haymaker is used to punch the ball, while Magnetizer and Plunger are used to attract or grab the ball.
Since being formed in 2013, the Haymaker team has closed over 400 acquisitions and owns mineral and royalty interests in over 20,000 wells across the United States.
The Haymaker in this story is a town on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Among other solid ball players, the Haymakers signed pitcher John McMullen and center fielder Tom York.
Haymaker has logged more than 1,000 hours a year over the past four years, constantly looking to provide more and better service.
She said: "She told him 'It's not worth it - just go home', wagged her finger and went to walk past when he swung his arm at her, delivering a haymaker of a punch.
Best race seen Huberts Shade claiming Haymaker Mac and Amazing Man on the line in the 1983 Olympic final.
com)-- Brad Haymaker, Partner and Creative Director of VOLUME Industries stated that, “The launch of this platform allows us to provide a complete solution for any client from the initial brand concept to the last detail of their identity.
Clark claimed to be the peacemaker but Coisty threw a haymaker into his face and the feuding pair then had to be separated by a linesman.
He charged into a maul and appeared to throw a haymaker that led to mayhem resulting in his colleague Morgan Allen seeing yellow, together with Newport's Sam Waldron and Mike Poole.
RECTOR Bill Haymaker has put a cleric's dog-collar on his pet terrier - because it always accompanies him on visits to his flock.
But he missed with a wild right-hand haymaker that left him wide open and McDermott punished him with a volley of short punches.
Teetering after body blows removed Firestone, General Tire and BFGoodrich from Akron, the city avoided the haymaker when Goodyear indicated it was interested in building new corporate headquarters them.
Then, without hesitation, the sultry broad winds up and delivers another haymaker that collides violently with his nose.