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a long-handled fork for turning or lifting hay

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Speaker: Kim Stokely President, Adopt-A-Watershed, Hayfork, CA
It involves three case studies in industrialized countries and four case studies in developing countries: Banff National Park (Alberta), Cevennes National Park (France), Hayfork Adaptive Management Area (California), Bane d'Arguin National Park (Mauritania), Djoudj National Park (Senegal), Mounts Nimba Biosphere Reserve (Guinea), and Ron Palm Agro-forestry Management Region (Niger).
to the canyon fire between Hayfork Road and Esquerra Road.
If machinery is required -- a hayfork on a pulley system, or a bale elevator -- it's a form of "mass production," used when large quantities of hay are being moved at once.
But Mr and Mrs Snooty-Farmer, Peregrine Hayfork and several others were knocking back the Amontillado as if there was no tomorrow.
I modelled it on myself and it featured a girl with a hayfork shouting "I could do with your help - join the Land Army
There's also a Garden Tool icon for placing hoes, rakes, tillers, shovels, and wheelbarrows throughout; the spade icon resembles a hayfork, but that's more nitpicking.
Holmesian methodology was how, for example, state investigator Paul Bertagna concluded that last summer's Barker Fire, which scorched 5,600 acres of brushy timberland near Hayfork, Calif.
Longitudinal: Sandwich, trident or hayfork sign, with layering of hypoechoic bowel wall and hyperechoic mesentery
or in forests of the West, she has done for community--hers in the little town of Hayfork in northwestern California, and others like it across the country.
The logs used in this study came from the Hayfork Ranger District on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, about 40 miles west of Redding, California.
Republican presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan came here in 1992, citing Hayfork as evidence of the human fallout from an overabundance of government regulation.
The 2007 Andrus Awards recipients are exemplary companies - Celilo Group Media of Portland, Oregon and Jefferson State Forest Products of Hayfork, California.
Logs were obtained from the Hayfork Ranger District in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.