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I went into the gravel and still had a bit too much speed so it was either go off down into the woods or into a hay bale.
Perhaps the most common danger occurred when a grunt tossed the hay bale below toward the stackers.
And after the latest callout on Tuesday to deal with hay bales set on fire, they have appealed to vandals to stop the prank.
Don't bale OUTA massive hay bale will construct part of the assault course
In the end weather, mud, hay bale hurdles and the 5 "humps" don't deter champions.
Spraying hay bale sites isn't really an option, Scholl notes, because the insecticides now used break down after only a few days, necessitating re-application.
The loss to the building and the hay bales inside was estimated to be about $40,000.
On January 23, 1994, a 38-year-old male farmer died from injuries sustained when a large round hay bale fell on him while the bale was being loaded onto a flatbed trailer.
Factors addressed during construction: silt fence or hay bale protection, save and protect stockpiled topsoil, mulch areas exposed for long periods, and structures (culverts, ditches, diversions).
Entertainment will hopefully include tractor/trailer rides on the beach, hay bale tossing, children's games, tug of war, dog shows and Syrcus Circus performances.
The fields are also used by dog walkers and families, and we would hate for anyone else to be injured by a burning hay bale hurtling down a big hill.
It would devastate us," said Mark Phalp, 49, in November, whose family built a giant hay bale teddy in protest.
A FOUNDER member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed by a 5ft hay bale which rolled down a hill on to his van, a jury heard yesterday.
But never before had she had to hurdle a hay bale - let alone four hay bales - en route to the finish line.
The Tiger Moth crashed into a hay bale but the pilot escaped injury.