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any political orientation favoring aggressive policies

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Trump seems to be trying to straddle a conventional Republican foreign policy (firm commitments to NATO, hawkishness in the Middle East) and friendly rapprochement with Russia (cooperation on the problems of ISIS and Syria).
However, in Pakistan the real issue is not its relationship with India but its own future trajectory: Whether Pakistan will continue to emerge as an established, democratic republican, moderate Islamic state or sink in extremism, ethnicity, unemployment, terrorism and hawkishness.
Others disapproved of Clinton for her hawkishness, her insistence that single-payer would "never ever happen, her ties to Wall Street, or myriad other legitimate reasons.
The India Fund said, 'heightened tensions with Pakistan over Kashmir, Trump's US presidential election victory and the Fed's increased hawkishness for 2017 also roiled investor sentiment.
Instead, he described it by framing it as one between Trump's stated positions versus neoconservative warmongering and the "liberal internationalist variation on hawkishness.
H2: Exposure to media coverage of Palestinian pain and suffering and empathy toward Palestinians will still significantly predict decreased Jewish-Israeli recognition of Palestinian pain and suffering when the degree of hawkishness as well as the demographic variables of level of education and socioeconomic status of the respondents are added to the model as predictors.
This interventionist position has taken on many different names including internationalism, realism, nation building, entanglements, humanitarianism, spreading democracy, hawkishness, spreading peace, or imperialism--depending on if it is being praised or criticized.
Two classes of events are important: US overseas military operations, or expressions of hawkishness potentially leading to operations, that might indicate Washington's appetite for strikes against rogue states like North Korea and US-led military exercises in the Asia-Pacific, particularly exercises involving the United States and South Korea.
For many on the left hoping to avoid putting troops on the ground in another war and for many on the right embracing the wave of nationalism sweeping through the party - Trump has implied he would be willing to back out of international agreements like NATO - Clinton's hawkishness is a concern.
The best-case scenario is worrying enough: that Modi and Jaitley were upset about Rajan's hawkishness on interest rates and allowed him to be attacked, knowing they could then replace him with someone more malleable.
Reza Behnam (letters, May 25) of conducting a "tirade" against Hillary Clinton's hawkishness in foreign affairs, labeling as "innuendo" his claim that her efforts against Saddam Hussein aligned perfectly with the neocons in demonizing the Iraqi leader.
Be that as it may, the two contenders at the misnamed quadrilateral ring, will only offer hawkishness in dealing with the rest of the world; Hillary by way of experience, Trump by his bullish, belligerent nature.
The relatively close proximity of Cafe Neo's branches, all in and around the Island, point to a similar hawkishness.
CLIENTS WILL SPEND LESS AND WANT MORE: Given the political and eco- nomic forecast, brands will view 2016 advertising and marketing budgets with extreme hawkishness.
The warning appeared to temper some of the perceived hawkishness of his recent remarks, all while blending in the biography that he has been increasingly emphasizing on the stump.