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any of various common wildflowers of the genus Leontodon

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Fortunately the menacing molusc did not like the seedlings of some of the desirable wildflowers such as wood cranesbill, rough hawkbit and greater burnet.
Seeing the deep pink of a male is always a treat, but this morning I saw something I'd never seen before: one skilfully hovering at the top of a hawkbit plant, carefully plucking seeds from the flowerhead.
Living Clock": In his horologium florae/Linnaeus lunched by goatsbeard, as scarlet pimpernel closed//and hawkbit yellowed the hour with forked bristle/while weeds and vulneraries worked a prediction/with time's vertebrae;/Linnaeu's star of Bethlehem motioned/from a pre-determined tilt,/his flowering tobacco furled//voluted leaves/for dark, admitting the evening/into ground slump.
Just to give you an idea I have found two chamomile patches, two species of buttercup, dandelions, daisies, three species of plantain, field wood rush, self heal, an unidentified tiny wild cranesbill, ragwort, two species of clover, speedwell, hawkbit and hawkweed.
Rabbits born at Watership Down included Bigwig, Dandelion, Fiver and Hazel & Hawkbit while Sandleford was home for Ash, Celandine, Nightshade, Pimpernel, Silver & Toadflax.