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Synonyms for havoc

Synonyms for havoc

the act of destroying or state of being destroyed

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for havoc

violent and needless disturbance


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References in classic literature ?
These they let lie, now that they had stopped their fighting; the two heroes then went on playing havoc with the foe, like two wild boars that turn in fury and rend the hounds that hunt them.
Hector soon marked the havoc Diomed and Ulysses were making, and bore down upon them with a loud cry, followed by the Trojan ranks; brave Diomed was dismayed when he saw them, and said to Ulysses who was beside him, "Great Hector is bearing down upon us and we shall be undone; let us stand firm and wait his onset.
The house being large, and many in it, he did not care to go in, but called for a hand grenado, and threw it among them, which at first frightened them, but, when it burst, made such havoc among them that they cried out in a hideous manner.
Many had gone down on both sides, but by far the greater havoc had been wrought in the ranks of the guards of Issus.
Any government truly committed to social order, peace and efficiency will consider havoc as its enemy numero uno.
He's been here in Manila since January not to create havoc but to seek refuge since he's being pinned in Mindanao - the chaos of Martial Law in Mindanao - that's why he fled to Manila to lay low.
People demanded the authorities concerned take notice of the situation and order stern action against those playing havoc with public health.
We realized that Boko Haram had caused a great havoc that had been carried all over the sub-region including Chad and Cameroon.
We will not allow cement factories to operate at the cost of the health of the people,' the CJP said noting that they were playing havoc with the lives of the people.
At least 19 people were killed in Karachi last week due to electrocution, falling billboards and roof collapse incidents as a maximum of 41 millimetres of rainfall coupled with gusty winds wreaked havoc on the power supply system and municipal infrastructure.
BEIRUT: Bus drivers blocked a main highway north of Beirut Friday in protest against an earlier assault on a driver, creating havoc and bumper-to-bumper traffic.
His partner Havoc, LL Cool J, Ice T and 50 Cent all attended.
The more havoc there is tomorrow the better for me.
Or if that doesn't suit I could always create a more little havoc for the locals and expect the council taxpayers to suffer a 8% increase next year, so Redcar and Cleveland Council can buy me out for about PS4m
It seems to me that the IS has been created by the West to serve as a regional tool, primarily to wreak havoc in countries that reject imperialism.