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Synonyms for will

Synonyms for will

the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides


a desire for a particular thing or activity

unrestricted freedom to choose

to have the desire or inclination to

to give (property) to another person after one's death

Synonyms for will

the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention

a fixed and persistent intent or purpose

a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

decree or ordain

Related Words

determine by choice

leave or give by will after one's death

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Few of us who were raised by parents of a certain generation were taught about the importance of having wills, life assurance and illness cover policies etc.
There is no point in severing the joint tenancy and then having wills that leave everything to each other.
Donald Hunter, head of the private client department at Blythe Liggins, said: "The firm was delighted to be able to assist such a worthy cause and was particularly appreciative of all those who took part by having wills made and donating so generously."
Not that having Wills on your case isn't worrisome: one of the best serious journalists in America, an ex-Jesuit seminarian (and a practicing Catholic), a classicist-historian-political philosopher-theologian, awesomely well-read and scrupulously fair.
We assumed that having wills and powers of attorney were all that was necessary to protect each other.