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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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Connie points up at the haversack. "That yours?" She's trying to think, what's he been doing in Belgium?
Cholmondeley, armed with the knowledge about the fate of Danielou's notebook, convinced British leadership to authorize a Haversack ruse style military deception plan, later known as "Operation Mincemeat." (16) With Montagu taking creative lead, the two intelligence officers planned this operation to reinforce Operation Barclay, a deception operation supporting the Allied invasion of Sicily, already underway in the Mediterranean theater.
"A tall, straight-backed figure with grey hair and moustache, binoculars and scarf round his neck, Wellington boots, a fully-laden haversack, a walking stick and a full-length brown leather coat," he recalls.
As for uniform, ours consisted of haversack, belt and hat worn with everyday clothes, although I know that blue did become standard later.
The 91-year-old who lives in Marsh House, Walsgrave, said: "Someone was walking in front of me in the city and something fell out of his haversack.
Eggar's turn as the cynical and witty young Christine is quite a match for Grant's sharp-tongued Rutland, which makes it more fun to watch and listen to their on screen verbal sparring.In time the affable Davis starts falling for Christine but there is one minor problem: She is engaged to British diplomat Julius Haversack (John Standing).
This feeling is enhanced when, on the sides of the pages, there are drawings, pictures, and interesting notes--including how to make an American Revolution haversack!
And another reader's dad worked with a foreman called The Haversack - he was always on everyone's back.
'He was also carrying a small haversack, so he did not look as if he was going particularly far.
These he 'liberated', returning with them to Yorkshire in his haversack. Eventually, after Appleyard's death the collection found its way to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum where it is housed today within the photographic archive.
Elsewhere, more often than not, Kanyadi is a playful poet, playing not with emotions but with words, rhymes, and iambics in a way that imparts a lightness of touch and softens the hard days of our existence: "don't look behind because your loved ones / are not following in your track / it's time to find a tree and hang there / your worn-out empty haversack" ("Going Away").
[Extracted from The Haversack, Fort Ticonderoga newsletter, Autumn 1995]
Myself, I use deep pockets, and my trusty haversack. You can fit anything in there, and hoist it on your back!