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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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Cholmondeley, armed with the knowledge about the fate of Danielou's notebook, convinced British leadership to authorize a Haversack ruse style military deception plan, later known as "Operation Mincemeat.
In time the affable Davis starts falling for Christine but there is one minor problem: She is engaged to British diplomat Julius Haversack (John Standing).
If all the other tools in your handgunning haversack are at least nominal, your grip and trigger control are the most important factors determining whether you score or suck, hit or miss, win or lose, live or die.
And another reader's dad worked with a foreman called The Haversack - he was always on everyone's back.
He was also carrying a small haversack, so he did not look as if he was going particularly far.
These he 'liberated', returning with them to Yorkshire in his haversack.
Extracted from The Haversack, Fort Ticonderoga newsletter, Autumn 1995]
SEALYHAM came to the mouth of the dug-out and shouted down: "The swine have pinched my haversack too.
They had a haversack to keep their rations in and the group do still wear this.
The kit includes a bis g metal mug, camouflage stick, green groundsheet, haversack, mega mallet, 10m rope, 10 holdfast tent pegs, tent peg bag, tough tarpaulin and complete instructions on how to build the perfect den.
The Huyton chancer realised he had dropped his haversack in that Soho alleyway as he dashed away from Melody and Magdala.
A tall, straight-backed figure with grey hair and moustache, binoculars and scarf round his neck, Wellington boots, a fully-laden haversack, a walking stick and a full-length brown leather coat," he recalls.