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I think when I have sex because I'm completely in love and want to--I'm just feeling so much affection or love or you know overwhelming feeling, that I also may be you know sexually aroused in that moment so wanting to have those feelings, the physical feelings of excitement and I think also if you're--my partner really wants to and all of those can come together I think at the same time.
Outbreak of Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei enterocolitis in men who have sex with men, Quebec, 1999 to 2001.
She wants them to wait until they're mature enough to have sex, but she also wants them to understand that sex is beautiful with a person you love.
1) If parental notification were legally mandated, 59% of young women say they would go to a clinic for prescription contraceptives; however, 13% would use rhythm or withdrawal, and 6% would have sex without contraceptives.
This created an environment in which premarital sex became the norm and women "felt free or obligated to have sex.
Results also showed that preteens with friends in higher grades were more likely to have sex in early adolescence.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirm, in fact, that when taught comprehensive sex-ed, 83 percent of teens wait longer to have sex compared with those who are taught abstinence-only.
Let's face it, young people are going to have sex regardless of advice from parents and teachers.
We're human - we have sex all the time,'' Klein said.
MEN who have sex three times a week cut their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke by half, a new study has found.
For girls, 63% of respondents said that they wouldn't get physical with someone who did not love them, and 52% said that they wouldn't have sex with someone who they didn't love.
Before being sent home to have sex at least four times in a month, each person was required to do a 30-minute moderate-intensity workout on the treadmill to provide a baseline measure of their calorie expenditure during exertion.
Blake insisted to prosecutors that the pair did not have sex.
First, it is interesting to note that although most of the students in the Randall and Byers (2003) study did not classify oral-genital contact as "having sex", 99% said that if their relationship partner had oral-genital contact with someone else, they would view their partner as having been "unfaithful" For most people, being monogamous means, among other things, that the partners do not have sex with other people.
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