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(French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food

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For Caruso, the Michelin title is "an important moment" in terms of her image, but it also gives her a pretext to talk about being a woman working in haute cuisine.
In the name of 'la haute cuisine', or whatever they call it in other tongues, man has perpetrated untold barbarities against fellow creatures.
Their five-month-old collaboration, Now Serving (nowservingla.com), is at once a cookbook and culinary shop, an event space, and a high-low approach to haute cuisine. "It's all about the connection to the customer," says Concepcion, who combines fine-dining bona fides--his most recent gig was chef de cuisine at Wolfgang Puck's Cut steakhouse in Beverly Hills--with the air of an old-school music fanatic running an indie record store.
The Michelin-starred chef and celebrated master of haute cuisine, Bocuse was born in Lyon where he has several restaurants and a cookery school.
Every child should learn in school how to cook - it doesn't have to be haute cuisine, just simple everyday good food.
The masterclasses, which focused on haute cuisine, were run byIDAM's Executive Chef Damien Leroux and his team.
The masterclasses, which focused on haute cuisine, were run by IDAM's Executive Chef Damien Leroux and his team.
Plated Ilocano haute cuisine was served, such as Sinanglao Consomme with Bone Marrow Tenderloin Strips and Watercress, Spiced Batac Longganisa Pasta, and for the main course, Paper Thin Gourmet Bagnet with Ipon, Bagoong Relish, Tukmen in Olive Oil, Tiger Prawn Al Ajillo, Deviled Crab Cake, Pan-Grilled Norwegian Salmon, Asparagus Pinakbet with Mountain Red Rice.
Although the French-based list will declare Guy Savoy's flagship Paris riverside restaurant the best in the world for the second year running -- and French cooking dominates the top 100 -- the big trend is the climb of Chinese haute cuisine.
inspector THE FOOD Galvin at Windows, on the 28th floor, is a Michelin-starred restaurant and bar serving French haute cuisine with 360 degree views of London.
American-Chinese cuisine is a trickle-up story, from the first ventures that supplied inexpensive, filling, and tasty food to railroad workers, to its entry into haute cuisine, thanks to the enthusiasm of American celebrities.
Foremost, Raimonds Zommers carries the quality seal, rest assured, so prepare yourself for something "seasonal and sensational, with artistic flair." Come and spoil yourself with some haute cuisine at 22, Elizabetes Street, Riga, or call (+371) 20122220 to book a table.
Wikipedia adds: "A cultural ideal associated with the culinary arts of fine food and drink, or haute cuisine." And: "The term and its associated practices are usually used positively to describe people of refined taste and passion." Which pretty much sums up a Yorkshireman.
With HungaryEe's appearance on the haute cuisine map, it was invited to host the European finals.
For anybody looking for some veggie haute cuisine, what are you waiting for?