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a mineral consisting of manganese tetroxide

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Hausmannite occurs as brownish grey grains with strong anisotropy and blood-red internal reflection (James and David 1994).
The results indicated that the nanoparticles loaded GS had the tetragonal hausmannite structure of [Mn.sub.3][O.sub.4].
Rarely, the district has also provided good specimens of hausmannite, pyrolusite, pseudomorphs of hausmannite after manganite, and pseudomorphs of pyrolusite after calcite--but it is almost entirely to its wonderful manganite specimens that Ilfeld owes its fame in the world of mineral collecting.
In Figure 4(c) lower intensity in 574.0 [cm.sup.-1] and higher in 654.2 [cm.sup.-1] possibly indicate hausmannite ([Mn.sub.3][O.sub.4]) [29], while higher intensity around 616.5 [cm.sup.-1] in Figure 4(d) suggests manganite (MnOOH) [29].
The hematite specimens, in thumbnail to small-cabinet sizes, show tabular, mirror-faced and brilliantly lustrous, jet-black hematite crystals from 2 to 5 cm; some of the specimens are loose single crystals and crystal groups, while others show the hematite crystals, some partly overgrown by white oyelite, resting on matrix of black massive hausmannite. From a different pocket in the N'Chwaning complex of mines, Rob had world-class specimens of ettringite, with sharp prismatic crystals, a bit rounded on their ends, to 12 cm, in groups from 10 to 25 cm (!).
Oxides such as goethite (Fe), hausmannite (Mn), and alumina (Al) have large ratios of surface area to mass, and avidly sorb Cd when the pH exceeds their respective sorption edges, i.e.
A few larger specimens--to 10 X 15 cm--have olmiite crystals scattered on a matrix of dull black hausmannite, with little spheres of chalky white calcite.
The Wyndham pit yielded manganese oxide minerals, including well-crystallized specimens of twinned black hausmannite crystals and also some attractive specimens of pink rhodochrosite (collected by Sir Arthur Russell in the 1930s).
The type material came from a pocket in massive braunite and hausmannite and was associated with henritermierite, calcite, bultfonteinite and hematite.
They're all here, in multiple samples ranging in quality from "study grade" to absolutely superb: Freiberg acanthite and stephanite, Schneeberg proustite and erythrite and roselite and uranium-bearing species, Andreasberg pyrargyrite and dyscrasite and fluorite and pink apophyllite, Siegerland malachite and anglesite and millerite and galena, Schwarzwald fluorite and barite and silver, Obermoschel cinnabar and moschellandsbergite, Ems pyromorphite and cerussite, Johanngeorgenstadt mimetite, Ohrenstock hausmannite, Fichtelgebirge topaz and microcline and herderite, Ehrenfriedersdorf cassiterite and fluorapatite, Ilfeld manganite, Ronneburg whewellite, Hagendorf phosphates ...
Well, in late 2003 and early 2004, some old mine dumps near Ilfeld yielded about 250 fairly handsome, small specimens of hausmannite pseudomorphs after manganite, as jet-black prismatic crystals to 3 cm shot through, or protruding from, massive manganese oxide matrix.
Another mineral discovery available in quantity in 1994 was hausmannite from the N'Chwaning mine, South Africa.
Bementite has been found in cream-white to violet rosettes up to 2 cm, in association with calcite and hausmannite at the Molinello and Gambatesa mines.
Associated minerals are: hausmannite, barite, vanadian adelite and muscovite.
Associated minerals are: hausmannite, calcite, brucite, dolomite, clino-humite, kinoshitalite, copper, barytocalcite, bindheimite and cerussite.