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Synonyms for housewife

a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income

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Hausfrau is well written in crisp, engrossing language.
(16) The first two sponsors were Samuel Emmel's "hausfrau" and Christian Mylius.
Indeed, the expectation at the time was that women would relinquish employment upon marrying, thus rendering Ma's ability to sign the contract with Bernhardi--particularly as an exotic dancer--somewhat problematic were she a typical hausfrau. (19)
Reading between the lines of his recollection, the likelihood is that he was rebuffed less by the ever courteous Beerbohm than by the second Lady Beerbohm, nee Elisabeth Jungmann: a former secretary to the aged dramatist Gerhard Hauptmann and an implacable Hausfrau of Silesian-Jewish origins, one who pretty much owed her survival after 1933 to her Tough Mudder temperament.
Then there are a whole bunch of others which read like a hausfrau's list the carrot, cauliflower, a cake, school bag, bucket, calculator, gas cylinder, iron, cup and saucer, ladder, clock, a pair of scissors, sewing machine, a basket containing fruits, coconut, grapes, a pressure cooker, bread, and a toothbrush!
In an age of superficial, image-obsessed celebrity there is a lot to be said for boring politicians - just look at Germany's Hausfrau Angela Merkel - particularly if they exude calm and an air of solid competence.
In the novel, insurance agent Walter Neff knows the instant that hausfrau Phyllis brings up accidental death insurance she plans to commit murder, just as Gavin smells a rat in "Hand Upon the Waters," though the policy itself is legitimate.
He undoes the star myth of Marlene Dietrich, describing her as 'just the nicest German hausfrau you ever met, (59) and Dos Passos's Margo Dowling may well be based on Dietrich.
pos ow-brow: only s will do, from arkets such as artment stores aa The target consu typical German h u umer is not the hausfrau who, according to research, knows the price of 74 products on average and will hunt for bargains.
Tuan then segues to the evening's most deliciously macabre moment by describing Annette's frantic attempts at a clean up, as she grabs a convenient bottle of cleanser: "ANNME sprinkles Ajax on ALEXANDER'S trail of blood" (90); as if a good American hausfrau, Annette even reads the canister's directions to make sure she is properly attendant to Madison Avenue's instructions: "Wet surface / Sprinkle AJvx freely / Rub lightly to make a paste with sponge or pad.
Hairspray (1988), perhaps Waters' biggest mainstream hit, starred Divine as the overweight hausfrau Edna Turnblad, along with Ricki Lake, Sonny Bono, and Debbie Harry.
To people who knew her, Garbo was the living embodiment of a German hausfrau (though she was in fact Swedish)--completely lacking in glamour or even the desire for glamour.
No German hausfrau was without these plants in her garden.
"From an early age I recognized the cosmic absurdity of my situation, and I think the ability to laugh at myself and at life's little ironies is one of the reasons I'm still on this nutty planet," says Brennan, who calls herself, "the Alyssa Milano of the middle-aged hausfrau set.
The Passion of the hausfrau, Nicole Chaison, Annette Jolles, Bess Welden.