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valuable source of caviar and isinglass

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1 goal was something that was comfy and cozy and fun," Hausen said.
Almost a decade after he began researching the connection between HPV and cervical cancer, zur Hausen discovered that HPV strain 16 is present in some cervical cancer tumors.
Professor zur Hausen, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 for his discovery of HPV as the cause of cervical cancer, explained that although HPV prevention will impact mainly on women's health, it also has important implications for men's health:
With that, they could have done zur Hausen, Montagnier and Gallo.
Germany's Harald zur Hausen, of the German cancer research centre (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum) in Heidelberg, was honoured for finding human papilloma viruses that cause cervical cancer, the second most common cancer among women.
Germany's Harald zur Hausen and French researchers Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the Aids virus and the role of viruses in cervical cancer.
Zur Hausen, a pioneering researcher in the connection between viruses and cancer, provides a detailed overview of what is known about cancer-inducing infective agents-viruses, bacteria, and parasites-and their corresponding transforming capacities and mechanisms.
Lt Cols Brian Anderson and Mary Hausen, Majs Don Broyles and Mark Ely, Capts Jim Covelli and Brenden Rowe, 1Lt Ryan Wellman 96th Bomb Sqdn.
Although found not guilty he ended up in a variety of concentration camps, including Dachau and Maut- hausen, where he was eventually executed.
Versuch einer Sozialgeschichte (Frankfurt am Main, 1974); Marion Kaplan, The Making of the Jewish Middle Class (New York, 1991); Karin Hausen, "Family and Role Division: The Polarisation of Sexual Stereoty es in the Nineteenth Century-An Aspect of the Dissociation of Work and Family Life, The German Family.
Gissmann L, Diehl V, Schultz-Coulon HJ, zur Hausen H.
BE-essikon direction is a new reservoir pipe DN 200, polyethylene, created together with the waterworks of WV Hausen, DN 150, ductile iron and a conduit, (total length about 160m).
Police spokesman Manfred von Hausen said: "About halfan-hour later the mother got nervous and asked a nurse what was happening to her baby - at which stage the search started.