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There was a contagion in the very air that blew from that haunted region; it breathed forth an atmosphere of dreams and fancies infecting all the land.
This has ever since been considered a haunted stream, and fearful are the feelings of the school-boy who has to pass it alone after dark.
The schoolhouse being deserted soon fell to decay, and was reported to be haunted by the ghost of the unfortunate pedagogue and the plough-boy, loitering homeward of a still summer evening, has often fancied his voice at a distance, chanting a melancholy psalm tune among the tranquil solitudes of Sleepy Hollow.
"Aye, haunts," repeated Peechy; "have none of you heard of Father Red-cap, who haunts the old burned farmhouse in the woods, on the border of the Sound, near Hell Gate?"
"I'd not have had that sea chest in the house for any money; I'll warrant he'd come racketing after it at nights, and making a haunted house of the inn.
On making private inquiries about the grounds said to be haunted by Feather Red-cap, he was more and more confirmed in his surmise.
Wolfert had not a doubt that this was the haunted house of Father Red-cap, and called to mind the story of Peechy Prauw.
The leading anxiety which had hitherto absorbed every feeling being now in some measure appeased, fancy began to wander, and to conjure up a thousand shapes and chimeras as he returned through this haunted region.
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Kirkheaton residents will already know all about Sir Richard Beaumont (1574-1631) who is said to haunt these parts, carrying his head under his arm.
LONDON is a city that has survived mad monarchs, unidentified serial killers, plagues and a colossal fire - so it's no surprise that a number of vengeful spirits haunt the streets.
Highlights include Crathes Castle, in Aberdeenshire, which is said to be haunted by the "green lady," a servant who fell pregnant out of wedlock, the headless drummer who is said to haunt Edinburgh Castle, and a harpist of a murdered Duke of Argyll whose music has reportedly been heard at Inverary Castle.
These spirits invade and haunt the medical facility outside of Salt Lake City which stands next to a graveyard packed with spirits.
This year, however, no ghosts, ghouls or goblins will haunt the maze.
Over at Cardiff Castle, the Second Marquess of Bute is said to actively haunt the castle: items are said to move around with no explanation and a misty spectre is occasionally seen nearby.