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stems of beans and peas and potatoes and grasses collectively as used for thatching and bedding


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The animals on the different treatments received the same basal diet of groundnut haulm and supplemented with 100 g/day of concentrate offered once a day at 08:00 h (1x), divided into two equal portion offered twice at 08:00 and 18:00 h (2x) or divided into three equal portion offered three times daily at 08:00, 13:00 and 18:00 h (3x).
Gently lift the soil keeping away from the haulm and if the potatoes are the size of a hen's egg they are ready for the table (cooked and tossed in a little butter of course
Mr Prentice also advocates measuring the risk to crops prior to harvest and storage by taking account of haulm blight prior to burn down, whether drills and beds are cracked and variety susceptibility to tuber blight.
The potato haulm should grow dense enough to smother all weeds but if this is not the case earth up a second time.
The first outward signs are dark-brown marks on the leaves and stems after which the haulm dies and the affected tubers rot, although for a few days after lifting they may appear perfectly sound.
According to the council, the priority for farmers now should be to destroy haulm growth and tackle volunteers in other crops.
The ones that didn't get eaten are making their way to the compost heap along with our pea haulms, which contribute loads of nitrogen.
The residue that didn't get eaten are making their way to the compost heap along with our pea haulms, which contribute loads of nitrogen.
Later in the year when the haulms have died back cut off any excess foliage; the potatoes will not grow any larger now that the foliage is dead so you can stop watering them and just leave them in the bag until you want to harvest them.
Milk production performance of Friesian-Holstein cows fed diets containing Medicago sativa, Centrosema pubescens, or groundnut haulms (Arachis hypogaea).
Results from animal fattening studies in Nigeria have indicated that animals fed chopped haulms gained more weight compared to those fed unchopped haulms [12].
Make sure the potatoes' haulms are kept well earthed and water them well if they were late planted.
Blight can only survive in living tissue, so there's no danger in composting the diseased haulms.
In the field, second-instar spiderlings usually attach the draglines to tips of grass blades or they use silk threads which connect the tips of grass haulms as attaching points (Follner & Klarenberg 1995).
Apart from earthing up the potato haulms (foliage), there is not much maintenance involved while the big advantage in growing earlies instead of main crop is that they are relatively undamaged by subterranean-dwelling slugs.