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stems of beans and peas and potatoes and grasses collectively as used for thatching and bedding


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However some advocate earthing up incrementally as the haulm grows but there is little evidence to suggest that one method is better than the other.
"What's more, continuing blight sprays until all the haulm is completely dead cannot be over emphasised."
Always, as a matter of course, burn affected haulms and tubers otherwise they remain in the ground as the source of next year's infection Removing all blighted leaves will reduce the spread of the disease, but the best insurance if there is a whiff of blight about, or there are two days when the temperature does not fall below 10C and relative humidity stays above 75%, is to spray with Bordeaux mixture, or an approved proprietary brand early in July and thereafter fortnightly until the middle of September.
the leafmold, the lathering spring haulm. Like this
These diseases drastically reduce pod yield in groundnut as well as haulm quantity and quality.
Frank, "In vitro study to evaluate the antibacterial activity of a combination of the haulm of nasturtium (Tropaeoli majoris herba) and of the roots of horseradish (Armoraciae rusticanae radix)," Drug Research, vol.
The grain and haulm yield of rice fallow blackgram was higher with different organic manures were used on equi nutrient basis in rice-blackgram cropping sequence [24].
The present finding was supported by Sunkad and Kulkarni,2006 who observed that lower disease index with increase in pod and haulm yield and also maximum benefit cost ratio (BCR) were recorded in plots receiving three sprays of hexaconazole in a susceptible cultivar KRG-10.
Housman's rural poems oddly combine plain diction with obscure botanical terms: "awns" and "haulm." He portrays the nostalgic yearning for the bucolic idyll that was destroyed by Victorian industrialism, just as Monet's delightful Impressionist paintings show modern factories puffing out menacing smoke in the background.
[5] showed that, foliar applied of methanol had significantly effects on pod yield, seed yield, haulm yield, number of pod per plant, shelling percentage, Crop Growth Rate (CGR), Pod Growth Rate (PGR) and partitioning factor (PF) that applying of 20 %(v/v) of methanol was considerably better than the rest.
In these systems the haulm (dried stalks) of cowpea is a valuable by-product used as animal feed.
The evaluation of the rate of larvae of the Colorado potato beetle (CPB) was done at 7-10 days intervals since the first appearance to removal of potato haulm in accordance with the procedure Dvorak et al.
It is not only grown for grain yield but also the haulm is important by-product used for livestock feed.
Featuring clod rollers configured to arc towards the deformable spiral rollers to give a constant gap and pressure in all cleaning positions, the new cleaning system provides an optimum level of haulm, soil and clod separation and removal.
May Household smoke pours into the dawn its haulm savor; and, gathering kindling, the shepherdess lets loose a wild hallelujah!