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stems of beans and peas and potatoes and grasses collectively as used for thatching and bedding


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The incorporation of haulms of N fixing legume (greengram) into the soil increased the plant available nitrate N and released more mineral N from legume residues [33] and [34].
Assessment of pod and haulm yield losses due to rust of groundnut caused by Puccinia arachidis Speg.
4 t/ha at BTM compared with GM1 (Table 2) was due to lower availability of N in the soil, when BTM was used (compared with GM1) and further supported by less favorable conditions for growth tubers due to the highest incidence of the Colorado potato beetle larvae (Table 2) and the high defoliation of haulm.
Featuring clod rollers configured to arc towards the deformable spiral rollers to give a constant gap and pressure in all cleaning positions, the new cleaning system provides an optimum level of haulm, soil and clod separation and removal.
The English Beef and Lamb Executive said that barley, wheat, triticale, oat and rye all provide suitable bedding straw for cattle and sheep, and bean and pea haulm can also be used, as can rape straw.
For example, it has been shown that woodchip, pea haulm and rape haulm works well for drainage and are good underneath straw.
May Household smoke pours into the dawn its haulm savor; and, gathering kindling, the shepherdess lets loose a wild hallelujah
There is one simple example in the humble strawberry: "For the home market, our strawberries were picked without the haulm.
The best evidence suggested that the beetle probably would not be transported with potatoes, because the haulm and leaves of the plant were not shipped with the tubers.
1] for grain, husks and haulm, respectively and was not significantly influenced by tillage (P > 0.
Leaves of non-legume plants Artichoke tops beet-top mangold-top nettles potato haulm and turnip tops.
In rare cases for the Altai Krai, characterized by the excess vegetation precipitation resulting in abundant vegetative growth and plants not forming grain, it is better to mow green buckwheat haulm stand and to use it for green manure.
The animals were treated against external and internal parasites and ear tagged, housed in individual pens (1m x 2 m) and offered groundnut haulm once daily for ad libitium intake, with free access to water and mineral block.
He added: "Potato growers in particular will welcome it as blight pressure is so high and they will want a desiccant that delivers rapid and thorough haulm destruction.