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Synonyms for hauling

the activity of transporting goods by truck

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Haul will have a better chance of competing with junk hauling and trash removal businesses in the greater Pittsburgh area that already advertise effectively on the Web.
There are several companies that perform heavy hauling operations in Alaska.
1 : the act of pulling or hauling <They got closer with each haul.
The company has spent tens of thousands of dollars hauling away material he said was stored by S&S Environmental, of which Smith is part-owner.
Field trials on a new road-friendly that may save forestry companies a bundle on their road maintenance bills and extend the hauling season for truckers technology are underway in Northern Ontario.
For Vincent Collazo, that dream has occasionally been interrupted by a nightmare, but the Clevelander has been persistent in establishing Affordable Demolition & Hauling Inc.
Change over from a truck-hauling system to a conveyor-belt hauling system;
The researchers suggest that as temperatures rise, seals begin hauling out of the water and gathering in unusually dense herds on shore.
which also does business as Perna Wastewater Management (Perna), one of the largest wastewater and septage hauling companies serving eastern Pennsylvania.
Also, because recycled material can be used within the same metropolitan area, this can lead to a decrease in energy consumption from hauling and producing aggregate and can help improve air quality through reduced transportation source emissions.
The cost of garbage hauling is $92 million a year and paid out of the city's General Fund.
has faced growing competition in the past few years from American carriers which are hauling steel and lumber products from Sault Ste.
Aqua), has acquired the assets of another septage hauling business, significantly increasing the customer base of the new business venture it began last spring.
Coupled with the relative affordability of hauling by rail, one can see why in 2003 Ohio had net imports of more than 1.
According to the county's hauling regulations, which went into effect at the beginning of this year, new building cannot rely on hauled water.