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the act of drawing or hauling something


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CC Haulage & Sons Ltd is a family owned and run company based at Manor Farm, Colebrooke, Crediton.
Stephen Nixon incorporated WOS Heavy Haulage Ltd weeks before his ex-employers West of Scotland Heavy Haulage went bust.
The haulage network can be built from the mine design centerlines, which are used as the data source for scheduling.
Jimmy Campbell, director of West of Scotland Heavy Haulage, is at the centre of a probe into alleged fraudulent activity.
According to NCC, Loop Rocks renews the industry for building materials by bringing together haulage firms, machinery rental companies and environmental consultants.
Upon completion, GWA will service the majority of Glencore's coal haulage requirements in the Hunter Valley via a 20 year contract for the haulage of our export coal to the port of Newcastle.
Newly formed British challenger bank Aldermore on Thursday revealed that it has provided an invoice finance facility to Davies Haulage Ltd, which has been operating throughout the UK for seven months.
The proportion of transport and haulage firms in the region at higher than normal risk of insolvency fell by 2.
Peel Ports made the promise as talks took place yesterday between the company and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to address delays that have been adversely affecting road haulage firms collecting containers from the port.
Northumberland County Council is to carry out a vibration study at Wark on Tweed that will examine noise and disruption caused by haulage traffic.
Mark Lodge, relationship director at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, said: "Businesses often don't have the capability to transport oversize machinery, and this is where Allelys Heavy Haulage steps in.
The product, HAULSIM, is a haulage simulation package.
To make it easier for engineers to start using HAULNET to deliver cost savings to their operations, RPM has added key functionality to enable users to create their haulage network on the fly.
The Fuel Advice service helps haulage firms decrease their fuel costs by appointing a fuel advisor to assist them with both planning and follow-up of their fuel consumption.
The new charge is designed to create a "level playing field" for UK haulage companies, whose heavy goods vehicles already have to pay for using roads in European countries.