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take away by means of a vehicle

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Then they haul away the debris to dump it in a secure place, leaving them out of sight and out of mind.
LIZ GREEN - HAUL AWAY MANCHESTER folk singer-songwriter Liz Green's second album, Haul Away, is an acquired taste, but certainly benefits from repeated listens as her compositions gradually reveal their charms.
But a new Montana law is trying to make the best of the situation by allowing people to haul away and cook dead deer, elk, moose, and antelope they hit or find on the roadside.
A tug vessel with a pull capacity of 70 tonnes, along with other ships, was used to haul away MV Wisdom.
The rain slowed us down a bit but we were able to haul away mountains of beads and trash this morning."
Schwan then canceled its one-year supply agreement with Great Creations and told it to haul away the casseroles, the lawsuit said.
Police said they would have needed at least one van to take their haul away.
South Wales ECHO 2008: A thief stripped his neighbour's home of pounds 3,500 worth of goods and then used THEIR PHONE to call a cab to take him and his haul away.
POLICE have revealed that Christmas Day raiders used a wheelie bin to haul away property after breaking into an off-licence in Nuneaton.
Volunteers from GotJunk.co.uk were also on hand to haul away any rubbish found, which included shopping trolleys and discarded timber.
Did anyone see them loading a car up or carrying their haul away?
She contracts with trucking companies to help haul away bridge materials, hires concrete cutters on an as-needed basis and leases barges required to work beneath bridges that span waterways.
A truck arrived at her home to haul away K-Fed's pounds 260,000 Italian supercar.
Last July, a Volkswagen Beetle was abandoned after it caught fire on a road in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A horse draw cart, not a tow truck, was summoned to haul away the 907 kilogram (2,000 pound) wreck.