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a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor

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I'll also be wearing my full Viking warrior outfit which includes a metal helmet, a skirmish shield, and a full hauberk, a riveted mail suit made of metal links.
In the stable, over the manger, there hung an enormous open hauberk and a ring-mail corselet.
the liberator of the treadmill--a warrior with a hauberk of clouds
The word could have been replaced by the following French synonyms: brigandine, an OF word borrowed into English in the 15th century, meaning 'body armour composed of iron rings or small thin iron plates, sewed upon canvas, linen, or leather, and covered over with similar materials'; hauberk 'a piece of defensive armour: originally intended for the defense of the neck and shoulders; but already in the 12th and the 13th c.
When his squire put the duke's hauberk on backward, it was, understandably, seen as an ill portent by his already jumpy men.
vaulted on his horse, and so they crashed In onset, and King Pellam's holy spear, Reputed to be red with sinless blood, Reddened at once with sinful, for the point Across the maiden shield of Balan pricked The hauberk to the flesh; and Balin's horse Was wearied to the death, and, when they clashed, Rolling back upon Balin, crushed the man Inward, and either fell, and swooned away.
Jerome Mandel's essay unravels the puzzling reference to the "Jews werke" of Sir Thopas's hauberk in the "Tale of Sir Thopas.
27) Oradino bends his bow, and his arrow pier ces Raimondo's hauberk and draws blood, but the guardian angel prevents it from going further: "'l celeste guerrier soffrir non volse / ch'oltra passasse, e forza al colpo tolse" (VII 102) (the heavenly warrior did nor wish to permit that it pass beyond, and took the force from the blow).
Mail shirt, or hauberk, extended to cover arms and legs
He comes to California at the behest of millionaire Jo Stoyte to catalog the Hauberk papers, collected from an eighteenth-century British earl.
She says that the woman receiving the lover into her house must dramatize the potential violence in the situation-the possibility of her husband discovering them and slaying her before the lover's eyes, or the two of them being punctured by helm, hauberk, or spear, and disemboweled in some secret room (Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun 1962, 13815-3829).
But I am likely to know the meaning of phrases like "coat" and "chain mail" that are used to explain what a hauberk is.
hauberk, two wild geese volant on his helm, appears and, with
The lord of Belleme rose, and theflaring torchlight glinted on his mail hauberk and the long, crimson mantle that set off his good looks.
3) In the anonymous romance Jaufre, toward its conclusion, we are told that Arthur dons his hauberk and surcote to fight a giant bird (9868-69).