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Antonyms for hatless

not wearing a hat


References in classic literature ?
A powerful-looking man, hatless, and wrapped in a great ulster, moved towards them.
Chopper the chief clerk came rushing hatless after him.
He went out, hatless, leaving the street door open behind him.
He was hatless and his tawny-gray hair was flat with wetness, coming down almost to his eyes, so clear and far-seeing.
Cutler had indeed risen stiffly and suddenly, and walked towards the door, hatless, as if at a word of command.
He was in the Inward Bills Department, one of the features of which was the sudden inrush, towards the end of each afternoon, of hatless, energetic young men with leather bags strapped to their left arms, clamouring for mysterious crackling documents, much fastened with pins.
She was hatless and with torn and disheveled clothing that had evidently once been a trim riding habit.
In the end, hatless, disheveled, with streaming nose and one eye closed, Watson won to the sidewalk and into the arms of a policeman.
True enough, there he was, tearing down the street, hatless, and gesticulating as he went.
Greeks were everywhere--swarthy men in sea-boots and tam-o'-shanters, hatless women in bright colors, hordes of sturdy children, and all speaking in outlandish voices, crying shrilly and vivaciously with the volubility of the Mediterranean.
86) In contrast to both the mature queen and other male characters, Dudley is displayed flamboyantly with his shirt open, hatless, and in brightly colored doublets and pantaloons.
During my homesteading days in the Pigeon Lake district, we had a very eccentric bachelor neighbour who, as he never possessed any head gear, was known as hatless John.
But to see Tilda Swinton's head-she was just a hatless Lego head-it was very funny.
He was hatless and wearing blue jeans and a windbreaker with a small, barely noticeable Richmond Police Department (RPD) logo on it.