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any recently hatched animal (especially birds)

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Variation of date (2010) and number of days post-emergence of last observation of Western Pond Turtle hatchlings (radio-and non- radio-tagged, n = 8 nests) within each nest chamber and within 2 m, and date of first entry into aquatic habitat (radio-tagged individuals, n = 8 hatchlings).
In nearly every case, even while being fed and kept under ideal conditions, these hatchlings died within a few months after they were removed from cold storage.
Guerrini said his hotel was full of tourists who had come to Trinidad to see the tiny leatherback hatchlings climb out of their sandy nests and head for the surf, trying to reach deep waters where they are safe from most predators.
Turtle eggs and hatchlings are also more likely to survive in these cooler, rainier seasons associated with the La Nina climate phase, as this research team recently reported in the journal PLoS ONE.
As mentioned above, 2 out of 34 family lines produced green hatchlings in the 2nd generation.
Even after reaching the sea, many hatchlings fall prey to marine predators, pollution and boat strikes.
As of that date, there had been no emergence of hatchlings from the nest and the nest did not fall victim to above-ground depredation.
This is where a pair of blackbirds set up a nest and soon we heard the low, distinctive call of hatchlings.
INDIAN scientists have made a startling discovery -- a new snake species that fed on the eggs and hatchlings of Sauropod dinosaur, the adults of which are the largest animals known to have walked the planet.
Originally "mum" to seven Komodo hatchlings, Flora has welcomed another new, unnamed male, to the fold.
A couple of months later, emerging hatchlings were allowed to run a short distance into the surf before staff scooped them up with nets and shipped them to a third site in Galveston, Texas.