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any recently hatched animal (especially birds)

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We hypothesized that 1) lipid provisioning was a function of hatchling size, with the large, single-encapsulated embryos having a higher lipid content than the smaller, multi-encapsulated embryos; 2) there was higher variability in hatchling provisioning in the species with adelphophagic development (i.
geminata at 5 of 7 (71%) and 7 of 30 (23%) baits along sea turtle nesting beaches at Las Bocanitas and Las Isletas, respectively, indicating that this species could pose a substantial threat to the hatchling sea turtles on natural nesting beaches.
Dennis (2007) who studied Osprey Kangaroo Island, South Australia, reported that the average time taken between hatchling and fledgling is 69 days.
Moreover the dehydrogenase activities of vermicomposts differed significantly by the earthworms of different age classes because the hatchling of E.
Furthermore, hatchlings in more-acidic water were an average five percent smaller than those in normal seawater, and they had misshapen, disorganized statoliths.
The limited research on hatchling emergence demonstrates that in the southern portion of their range both emergence soon after hatching and delaying emergence into spring occurs, whereas most reports are of delayed emergence in the central and northern portion of their range, including western Oregon (reviewed in Ernst and Lovich, 2009).
After 30 days, unhatched eggs were examined every two days, and after three months (90 days) without hatchling, the hatchling experiments were finished.
As we all look forward to spring, there is one tradition that needs to stop: the sale of hatchling turtles in tourist areas.
High egg and hatchling mortality associated with warmer, drier beach conditions was the most significant cause of the projected climate-related population decline: This nesting population of leatherbacks could decline by 7 percent per decade, or 75 percent overall by the year 2100.
Hatchling body color is also different between the solitarious and gregarious phases and depends on parental crowding conditions.
Here, we report consumption of hatchling turtles by a Great Blue Heron and apparent choking of the bird leading to its death.
The hatchling is part of a small litter of tortoises who were saved from the illegal pet trade after being seized by HM Customs and Excise last year.